HOLLYWOOD HILLS—On Thursday, October 27, a homeless woman stood guard to Donald Trump’s vandalized star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A video shows the woman sitting, firm, next to the star holding up different signs that show her support for the republican candidate. Some of her signs read:

“20 million illegals and Americans sleep on streets in tents. Vote trump”

“Did Hillary have sex with that Senator Weiner’s Wife”

“Can Americans Go to Mexico for jobs Housing Medical”

Trump’s star has been a target for shaming by individuals who oppose him. On October 27, James Otis, vandalized Trump’s star while disguised as a construction worker. He was later arrested for felony vandalism and later posted bail a few hours later.  

Otis did not apologize for his actions, starting in a video posted on TMZ.com,  that read: “The point of the exercise was to take the star and…auction it off election day and then take that money and distribute it to the women who been sexually assaulted by Mr. Trump along with the George Washington republican. The George Washington republicans who are against sexual assault.”

The suspect is expected to appear in court on November 18.