HOLLYWOOD HILLS—A large number of house parties in Hollywood Hills is becoming problematic for the Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Division.

With strict pandemic guidelines in place that forced city clubs to close, authorities posted a video on Twitter on Tuesday, May 26, to alert residents and visitors about the ongoing issue.

Senior Officer Ralph Sanchez indicated the LAPD is “having a challenging problem with house parties in the Hills.”

“Please don’t come up here to party,” said Officer Sanchez. “Come up here to enjoy Hollywood, but observe and obey COVID guidelines.”

Officers featured in the video explained how house parties can create disturbances in the neighborhood. Loud music, screaming and intoxication are some of the examples mentioned. The video alerts to the danger of traffic congestion, which can become a safety hazard for responding vehicles.

“Please let your Senior Lead Officer know of the disturbance you are experiencing,” one officer noted in the video, encouraging residents to forward photo, audio, or videos to authorities if possible.

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer shared the video on his Twitter page. He referred to situation as  “completely unacceptable.”

Hollywood Neighborhood Prosecutor Ethan Weaver for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, appeared in the video to warn that there will be consequences if police are called to a house party.

“Those consequences can range from a citation, up to criminal prosecution and 6 months in jail. Those consequences don’t just apply to the person thrown g the party, but they can also apply to the home owner,” said Weaver.

Weaver highlighted that property owners whose houses have been cited can be held responsible, even if they are not present at the location.