UNITED STATES—How do you like to travel? That is a simple question, but there are various ways to travel people. You can do the classic, via vehicle or what most people do nowadays which is by air (a plane) and then you have the train and there is also boat for those who like to go on a cruise. So, what is best? I think it depends on the person, as a kid we did a bevy of travel via car and when I say car, I mean it. We traveled on long road trips that would take hours. I remember when we drove to Alabama that a 20-hour road trip, or our trips to Florida that were 24 plus hours.

Yes, we drove to Florida multiple times as a kid and we did it more than once and it seemed like it was forever, but as a kid I loved it. When you would see the various sights, get out the car and stretch and eat at restaurants or places that you have never visited before. As an adult, I can’t do those long road trips anymore. I rather get on a plane and get to my destination within four to five hours as best. If I have to be a on a plane any longer, I just don’t think it is something I can do.

My body cannot do it. I think the longest road trip I took maybe a decade ago was to Charlotte, North Carolina that was about 12 hours. It felt like forever, and you know that feeling you get where you arrive at your location and you’re so happy that you have finally reached your destination. Plane is my choice now because you get there quicker. I have flown to Chicago, Florida, California, Las Vegas, to name a few, but when it comes to train or car I have been to Chicago, Wisconsin, Indianapolis, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Atlanta, Montgomery, Colorado. I have been to a lot of states people.

As I get older, I want to travel even more; there are a ton of states in the U.S. I want to visit before I start to travel overseas. There aren’t a ton of places overseas I want to visit, but Greece and Italy, are at the top of my list. The only caveat is you can only reach those places by plane and those rides are going to be several hours to say the least.

I truly want to get back to Orlando, Florida after not visiting there in almost 20 years. I guess I had been there so many times I got tired of it, but I’m starting to reminisce a bit about the fun family moments and that nostalgia has come back to me. I recently traveled to Las Vegas, which was fun, but Vegas is a place where more than three to four days is just too much. I want it to be short and sweet because if you go there during the summer months the heat is brutal as hell. I mean eight in the morning it is near 90 degrees and you’re sweating bullets.

The long road trips are fun because it is great bonding time for the family which is an opportunity to create moments that stay with you forever. The plane can be annoying if you have a delayed flight or a plane ride with crying kids or someone kicking that chair, crowding your space or just annoying. You cannot pick who you travel with when you fly, in a car you have a choice. The cruise is something I am hearing more and more about the fun, but also it is not the best because being on that boat you can get motion sickness because you’re always moving and even when sleeping.

I don’t know if that is something I want, yeah, the endless food sounds fun, but you can only do so much on a boat, yes, you can get off and visit the various ports and cities and places you stop, but time is of the essence, it is not endless. You better be back on that boat before they depart, or you’ll be in some trouble.  The key about travel is that you have options and there are plenty of options out there that fit any and all personalities, it just depends on where you go and what you want to do. I think when it comes to travel, I prefer to go places I have never been before. Going to a place familiar is fun, but versatility opens you to new experiences and things.

Written By Davy Jones