HOLLYWOOD—I cannot believe I’m writing a recap of the series on OWN that became my must-see for the past few years. It seems like at least 2 years since I’ve last talked about the Tyler Perry hit “If Loving You is Wrong!” Well, at last friends the series has returned to pick up after that climatic cliffhanger where Kelly was seen hanging from her jail cell. Considering fans have been deprived for over a year without any episodes, we were treated to a two-night premiere with episodes on Tuesday and Wednesday.

To be clear this is season four of the series and the last time we talked about it (in regards to a new episode) was March 2018. So it has indeed been over a year since any new episodes, and this two-night premiere kicked off with the episode, ‘Let It Burn’ with Lushion rushing to Kelly’s aide after finding her hanging from her jail cell. Things were not looking good for Kelly, and that is a good question: how did she get shoestrings? Eddie rubbed Lushion the wrong way and another altercation ensued, after suspicions ran high with the thought of Eddie pushing Kelly to kill herself.

Randal and Alex were about to be burned to a crisp, as it looked like Marcie was the person who set the barn on fire. She was sitting in that chair, watching her ex and her former BFF about to be burnt to a crisp. Marcie called for a cab utilizing her new neighbor’s phone, and alluded to bad things. Bennett noticed smoke coming from the backyard, as Marcie did her best to divert, but Bennett the firefighter rescued Alex and Randal. Yeah, it’s safe to say Randal finally pushed Marcie to her limit.

Esperanza was stunned to learn that Kelly tried to kill herself, which forced her to unleash her rage on Eddie. I forgot that Steven and Esperanza are hooking up, which Eddie was not pleased about. Natalie was a nervous wreck after learning about Kelly’s incident. Brad, Alex did not sleep with anyone else, the baby is Randal’s and the doctor did not switch the paternity results. At this point I have no clue who committed the dirty deed, but voila, I think it was Eddie! Something tells me the dirty cop made another twisted move for reasons I don’t understand.

Eddie just doesn’t know when to stop, why taunt Larry, the guy that is well aware that you kidnapped him and almost killed him? Eddie is concerned about Larry’s next move; it looks like the cat is about to get a taste of his own medicine. Larry has leverage on Eddie, and our dirty cop does not like that to say the least. After hearing fire trucks on the street, Natalie was surprised to learn that Alex and Randal were almost killed when Marcie set the barn on fire.

Looks like Bennett and Tonya are the new neighbors, and Randal was jealous of Bennett. Randal being the tool that he is, still doesn’t realize that sins from the past can come back and haunt you in ways that you least expect. Marcie confessed to Natalie that she locked Randal and Alex in the shed and set it on fire. Brad arrived and Natalie alerted him to clean up Marcie’s mess. Alex tried to plead her case, but Brad did not want to hear any of it. It looks like Brad is finally over Alex once and for all.

Back at the police department, Natalie alerted Lushion of the situation in the neighborhood, as he requested a picture of Justice, but I was not sure why. That did indeed raise my interest. Eddie continued to push Lushion’s buttons by revealing that Kelly is dead, but is it true? The drama continues Wednesday at 10 p.m. I can’t believe the wait, but “If Loving You is Wrong” is back lovebirds!