HOLLYWOOD─Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” certainly stirred the drama pot, while things only heated with the latest episode, ‘Contraband.’ Picking up where things left off, Alex was in utter shock that she slept with Ian, as he pleaded his case that he did not drug or rape her. Alex wanted to escape, which really makes me think she has a split personality people. Randal spotted Alex leaving Ian’s house, which only boiled his blood more, and it looked like Ian was ready to teach Randal a lesson about respect.

I swear this guy is an absolute a**. I cannot wait till I see Randal gets his comeuppance. Brad had questions when Alex arrived home and she didn’t want to get into details about her behavior. It looked like Alex was finally over Brad, just as Marcie wanted to slap some sense into her former bestie, but Alex did not seem to care, and dished her frustration to the world.

Alex was spiraling people; she acknowledged that she hated being married to Brad; she did not want kids she wanted to abandon ship of all her responsibilities. Randal continued to annoy people, as Alex got into her car and sped off, leaving Brad and Marcie to take care of her newborn. Randal spilled a bit of tea about Alex sleeping with Ian, just as Marcie dropped the bomb on her ex that Alex was sleeping around with plenty of guys. Checkmate Randal, looks like cat got your tongue buddy, just as Natalie watched from a distance all the mayhem, as Justice’s father waited to get permission to enter the premises.

Natalie was taken aback at the life that Kelly has been living since he has been locked away. He was hoping to get some information about Kelly’s predicament with Travis, but Natalie kept mum people. Lushion was happy to see his foe locked in a jail cell, just as he got an update from Kelly about her predicament. Why Lushion didn’t take the Bible with the evidence, knowing that Eddie was in a cell right next to her left me baffled, bewildered and left speechless.

Really Lushion? Why in the world are you trying to protect Eddie of all people? Steven was not happy, nor was Esperanza and neither was the audience. Let’s keep this moron, racist piece of trash in jail for as long as we possibly can. Ian was a bit surprised to see Alex at his place of work and admitting that she walked out on her former love because of the attorney. Ian you’re really enabling a woman who definitely does not need a drink right now in her life? Larry received a visit from the District Attorney questioning him about the Travis Kane case and evidence that could prove Kelly’s innocence. While this conversation was taking place, it was crystal clear Ian was keeping mum on the entire situation. Looks like the DA, Larry and Travis’ family and church are in for a major surprise.

Larry was spooked, which promoted Ian to try to cover his tracks. Larry might be a freak, but he’s a damn good lawyer people. Back at the police station, Eddie finally got his freedom, and went right to torturing Kelly by taking her Bible with key evidence for her case. Kelly was resistant in keeping her Bible, but Eddie refused. If she was smart she would have taken those photos from the Bible.

Oh next week looks fantastic, Lushion returns to his roots, Eddie tries to barter with Larry, Alex continues to spiral and Ian and Larry go to war, and something is wrong with Alex’s baby! Whew, next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ cannot come fast enough people!