HOLLYWOOD─It feels like we are indeed nearing the end on Tyler Perry’s guilty pleasure “If Loving You is Wrong.” Last week we were teased with a cliffhanger that was so predictable I could see the writing on the wall a mile away. In this week’s episode, ‘The Great Escape,’ Natalie got an eyeful after busting into a room at Kelly’s house to find Tyrell getting busy with a woman. That was later interrupted by Kelly and Lushion who returned from outdoors, with Kelly unleashing hell on the father of her child. Oh, it’s so good to have Kelly back people.

Are we finally going to get a bit of a backstory about Kelly and Tyrell’s history? Lushion was forced to face the music with Natalie about that ‘kiss’ that Eddie made sure she saw loud and clear. Come on Lushion you know damn well why Natalie is angry as well about that kiss. That’s what I’m talking about Lushion, lay down the law, you have no feelings for Kelly whatsoever, and the fact that you believe that says it all people. Bennett had a conversation with Lushion about pesky old Randal who continues to annoy people per usual.

The most popular cop in town finds himself in the mix of drama, as Ian alerted him that Larry fired him for his involvement in the Kelly Isaacs case. He came out and noted that Alex’s baby might be his. He’s the only viable candidate, people so let’s be honest. Randal had the evidence to prove that Bennett trashed his home, so he decided to mess with Tonya’s mind by showing video of her hubby going berserk on his property. Randal you sick SOB, you are a dirty dog and I cannot wait until you receive your comeuppance. Messing with a mentally unstable woman’s meds, that is downright low.

I’m so happy that MARCIE caught Randal leaving that house. She is the only thorn in his side and she has been the MVP of the season so far in my opinion. So if Marcie, Randal’s ex is his undoing he so deserves it people. Back at the police station, Steven was setting up a trap to get his vengeance on Eddie for his vicious lies. Eddie got a shock, and Steven started to prepare for battle. Eddie you already got beat up once viciously by Steven, do you really want that to happen again?

Eddie pulled out a gun and threatened to fire at Steven, who was the least bit explained. The tense conversation was interrupted by another office, just as Larry paid Eddie a visit demanding his money before issuing more threats on his life. Larry alluded to anyone in Eddie’s world that he cares about, and it makes me suspect that Larry might kidnap Mika, Eddie and Esperanza’s daughter as ransom.

Alex returned to that country bar, still a drunken mess more now than ever. Can we please do something with the character this season? She is an absolute wreck and it’s no fun to watch. And it only gets worse as Alex dabbled with cocaine. Looks like things between Marcie and Brad are getting stronger by the minute. Brad was taken aback to see Ian show up to his home wanting to speak to Alex, and Marcie alluded to the slew of guys her former BFF slept with. Brad pulled up Alex’s profile and found text messages from Ian and Alex, and the dots were connected: he might be the baby’s father.

Marcie is vindictive, she wanted to give Randal a show to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget. Oh, I love this woman people! While Kelly and Tyrell were having a conversation, Tonya coyly walked in and sat right on the couch. Too bad neither of them are well aware that Tonya has some mental issues. Bennett in a panic located Tonya who was spiraling, just as Kelly and Tyrell watched, with Randal looking on at his dirty work.

Esperanza received a call from Steven where she alerted that Mika is still not speaking to her and that Eddie has been Eddie. The flirting between these two is indeed cute people. Esperanza decided to finally entered the bathroom and could not find her daughter anywhere in the house, before hearing screaming from her daughter outside who was kidnapped, and it was by Larry not Eddie people!

Oh, next week looks fantastic and Eddie and Steven go to war, Randal and Bennett go to war, Ian threatens to take Larry down and the drama continues to explode. Three episodes, just three more before this must-see guilty pleasure comes to an end. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!