HOLLYWOOD—Julius may have pulled the strings to take out his father to ensure he inherited everything, but little did he know his father had a devious plan in place on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong.” Yep, this week’s episode amply titled, ‘The Will’ saw Julius get a jolt he never expected as his father completed a tape confession leaving all of his assets to his daughter, who Julius still hasn’t been able to pinpoint a face to. Let me give you a hint, you’ve met this woman before!

Oh, yes, the drug lord was none too happy, which means, Quan, Tilda and that secret sister should indeed be worried, because it looks like a murder could be in the works. The episode kicked off with that cliffhanger from last week with Brad walking in on Alex and Randal. God, the arrogance on Randal is so upsetting.

Brad alerted Alex that he came home to have a conversation with her about the state of their relationship. The lion in Alex roared, just as Brad gave a final attempt to reconcile. Hmm, if only she knew her husband wanted to get back together. Julius learned of his father’s passing and an impromptu meeting at his father’s attorney’s office regarding his will.

Kelly had a conversation with Lushion about his plans to purchase a new home. That conversation soon turned to Kelly divulging details about her run-in with Ramsey and the other ‘woman.’ Wow, he was right all she had to do was ask Ramsey about the female. Oh, such a sweet moment. She was torn about having to meet with Ramsey yet again, but it was for the best I think.

Marcie consoled Brad who shared that his impromptu meeting with Alex did not go as planned. She did her best to convince Brad to not give up on his marriage, but he seemed certain things were over. Marcie confessed that Brad moving into the apartment was a mistake, but she confessed that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. Lushion seemed smitten to watch Natalie at her workplace, and he confessed his feelings to the woman who he truly loves, as they made plans to have a ‘good’ night.

Natalie was caught off guard when Lushion asked her to marry him at her workplace, and presented her with a ring to commence the happy moment. After much back and forth, she agreed to marriage! Finally, a happy moment in the series! At the lawyers office, Julius, his mother and Tilda watched a recording of Julius senior’s will. He left his home and $25 million to Tilda, and everything else to his daughter. Wow, the fact that he left his wife of more than 30 years and his son with nothing left Julius in a violent rage. I’m not the least bit happy with Tilda’s grin; I suspect she won’t be smiling for too long.

Back at the police department, Esperanza was busy digging into Claudia’s past yet again. It prompted her to have a conversation with Lushion about the red flag that has her worried that something is off. This prompted Edward to do some digging, which Lushion did not seem too pleased about. Looks like Esperanza’s digging is starting to make Lushion quite worried. He made another call to a Larry to inform him to be prepared to cover tracks for the new 911 operator. Hmm, is she also working undercover with Lushion?

Marcie was planning to show a new house, but got the surprise of her life when Randal turned out to be her client. She made it crystal clear that she had no intention of conversing with him. He did his best to push her buttons, and she decided to push his buttons, which did not make him happy to say the least. Oh, I love this so much, Randal is finally getting a taste of his own medicine. She talked about his manhood, just as he pointed fingers at her about not being able to conceive a child. Be careful Randal, Marcie is not one to mess around with.

Kelly got an unwanted visitor on her porch, when Travis stopped by unexpectedly. He was desperate to get Kelly’s attention regarding the status of their relationship, which did not make him happy to say the least. I knew this was going to happen, Travis would become obsessed with his ex, and his temper/stalking would emerge and turn dangerous. He grabbed her by her throat, and made it clear that he would cause her harm if she continued to toy with him.

Eddie let Stephen know that he was doing some digging on Claudia, just as our corrupt cop caught wind that Julius’ father had passed away. Just as I suspected, Claudia and Lushion are indeed working together and they snuck away to have a conversation. The two shared a hug, which was interrupted by Esperanza who was not pleased to see the two getting along. Got damn, it looks like Esperanza is about to blab to Natalie about what is going on with Lushion and Claudia.

She continued to pry and Lushion did his best to cover his tracks. Be a bit more careful. Julius decided to pay his father’s lawyer another visit and he made it quite clear that he would not settle for the decision that his father made. He was desperate to get the whereabouts of his estranged sister. He was well aware that if his sister died, that he would get the reminder of his father’s fortune. Too bad, because Julius reacted by stabbing his dad’s attorney when he learned he couldn’t whack his sister and get the money. Just as I suspected, Claudia is Julius sister and Tilda’s daughter. Jeez, oh, jeez, Tyler Perry you have just weaved a crazy tale that I’m super amped to see how it all will unfold.

So Claudia is estranged from her mother and happens to be some sort of undercover agent? Things are getting quite delicious I must say on this must-see series. Next week’s episode looks quite crazy, as it becomes quite clear the fireworks have been ignited and things are about to explode to epic proportions. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!