HOLLYWOOD—I said it already, last week’s episode of “Insecure” was a bit slow, while this week’s episode, ‘Surviving, Okay?!’ was focused a bit on emotional turmoil to say the least. Molly was busy having the time of her life, but in the midst of that fun in the bedroom she learned that her mother suffered a health crisis and it was not looking good to say the least people. For this to be a comedy, this is NOT the time to play jokes. Molly and her family thought their loved one was near death, only to discover it was a mistake.

Whew, what a relief, Molly’s mother is going to survive, but it is apparent the battle to get her back to normal will take some time people. Nathan and Issa took their relationship to the next level, but it was quite obvious that awkwardness still existed between the two of them. Issa and Nathan are having this odd dance, but it became traumatic when Issa learned that Molly’s mother is battling a serious health crisis. Molly is doing her best to be the glue to her family, with Issa stepping in to be the support system her bestie needs.

Ok, really these two switched clothes and it was absolutely hilarious to see Issa get her sexy on, while Molly dressed down a bit. Yes, these friends are building that bond back up, one that was severely fractured last season. To add onto Molly’s stress, she had to deal with a work situation that was pressing. Issa found herself dealing with an awkward interaction with her mother and Nathan, where the status of their relationship came into question.

While chatting and walking, Nathan and Issa lost Molly’s dog. Molly learned that her mother had a stroke and her parents didn’t want to disclose that information to the family because they didn’t think it was that serious. Well her latest condition was serious because Molly’s mother suffered a stroke and is paralyzed as a result. Molly was forced to deliver that news to her family, who did not take it well to say the least.

Molly started to wonder all the things she should have been doing in regards to her mother and her health. Issa came face-to-face with Condola, Lawrence and their bundle of joy, and just as the episode was about to culminate, Issa locked eyes with Lawrence. It was apparent the spark between those two is still there, potent and will NOT disappear anytime soon.

Well this was a short episode people, not even 25 minutes. However, that tease at the end is telling me Issa and Nathan’s relationship will NOT last as long as Nathan thinks. Lawrence has always been in the back of Issa mind, no matter how hard she tries to forget him. Another episode in the books for season five of “Insecure,” but the comedy continues next week people.