UNITED STATES—As Americans, many of us would like to believe we have the ability to not indulge in temptations that could be potentially bad for our health. For me, its sweets, however, I’m not always craving something sweet, but I do like baked goods at times, particularly cake and fresh cookies. Let me be clear I’m not the person who is eating a whole container of cookies. Yeah, I know 200 percent that is NOT the best notion for my health and it could lead to worse issues later down the line.

I’m a firm believer that you can indulge in anything that you want, but moderation, I repeat moderation is key. Why is that something we have to repeat time and time and time again to Americans! You cannot sit and eat an entire pizza and not think there will be any repercussions to your body. At some point, you have to take a hard good luck in the mirror and ask yourself: “What will be the end game if I continue down this path?”

Sometimes the brain and those hormones tell you to indulge, have that temptation and worry about the issues later on. That is not the best notion; try to take preventive action so that you don’t run into a health crisis that really takes a pummel on the body. Some of you might be asking what the best way to curb a temptation; it all involves finding another temptation, one that is slightly healthier. Indulge in an alternative. If you are someone who loves candy, which means (all things sweet), switch that candy with a natural sugar like a fruit or veggie. You might say veggies are not sweet, but guess what, they are. You can indulge in sugar snap peas and carrots. You even have tomatoes, but you have to be careful with that acid in tomatoes America.

Remember the notion of out of sight, out of mind. You will not be tempted to eat something if you don’t have it in your presence. If you know indulging in candy, cookies, cakes, pies and so much more, try not to buy them. If anything, try to buy a lower calorie sweet and something that does not contain as much sugar. If potato chips are your snack of choice, try going for baked chips, lightly salted or kettle chips. There are always healthier options to the foods that you indulge. Like Burger King has just release the ‘Impossible Burger’ which is a plant-based version of their infamous whopper sandwich.

I have tried the burger and, It tastes quite good to say the least. I mean it’s not beef, but it’s not bad either. If it’s something like alcohol, cigarettes or things seriously bad for your health, you have to find something to occupy your time from the distraction because you don’t want to substitute a bad habit for another bad habit. As Americans, we will always be tempted by something, it just becomes a mental game to resist that temptation and it will NOT always be easy.

You will have slipups, you will have oops and you will indulge when you shouldn’t, but it’s not the end. Acknowledge the error and move on with your goal. That is what transpires with so many Americans, they have a hiccup and throw in the towel, be stronger, be more vigilant, don’t give up on something you want to accomplish.