HOLLYWOOD—I knew it! The moment that Jan Spears suddenly resurfaced on the NBC soap, “Days of Our Lives” I knew she was the person who committed the murder of Charlie Dale. What was the big give away? Jan suddenly returned to the canvas and that missing red button from Claire’s jacket. Whenever someone appears to be the culprit or the obvious red herring, it is never that simple and it confirmed for me that Jan committed the deed.

So Jan is the killer and it was all a result of her attempting to put Claire away so that she can have Shawn all to herself. Talk about obsession people. She is just as wicked as Kristen DiMera herself. The only slight difference is that Kristen doesn’t have to partake in all the shenanigans she has indulged in, while Jan is just dangerously obsessed. Claire witnessed herself hauled off to jail and viewed as the top suspect in Charlie’s demise.

She has pointed the finger at her sister, Sami for her current predicament. Well, if we’re being honest, Sami is responsible for Jan’s return to their lives. I mean you ushered her back to town in your attempt to prevent Allie from giving up her son for adoption. Sami needs to really stop poking her nose where it does not belong. Doing so has placed her in a predicament where she is doing Kristen’s bidding to prevent her tryst with Lucas being shared to EJ and blowing her marriage to bits.

Speaking of Lucas, how dumb could he be to go along with Sami’s scheme to deceive Chloe by telling her he has a brain tumor. Chloe has already started digging for information, so Lucas is going to expose himself quicker than he can count to three all to try to keep Kristen quiet from blabbing to EJ about his tryst with Sami. Chloe and Brady are seriously fighting their feelings and it is apparent the writers want these two as a couple and I’m the biggest cheerleader for the couple. Rumor has it Kristen’s switcheroo is going to explode as May sweeps is right around the corner people.

Ben Weston is proving his creeper inside him with his drastic actions to get Ciara to remember him. First, he tried to drug her, and then he pitched kidnapping Ciara and taking her to the cabin hoping to spark her memory. Claire was having none of it and as a result Ben was forced to face the music, his love affair with Ciara is over for now. Why? Ciara and Theo are darting off to Africa. I still find it odd, that Theo swooped in and swooped out. What was the purpose of bringing the character back to Salem? It seemed almost pointless.

This is fine by me because it solidifies my theory that the writers are getting ready to pair Ben and Claire as a couple. The only problem is I wonder how Shawn and Belle will react to the news. Why? I mean Claire doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to men, look at her latest relationship with Charlie Dale people. Rafe was bummed to learn that Hope was going to come to Salem, but is instead heading to Africa to reunite with her daughter.

Yeah, the character of Hope Brady has been MIA since her portrayer Kristin Alfonso left the show and to be honest, I don’t see a recast that can fit those shoes. Alfonso was iconic as the character and there are some recasts that should not be touched people, Hope Brady is one of them. This means Rafe is left without a lover, but what was with that kiss with Ava? I didn’t expect that, if anything I expected Nicole and Rafe to be a couple. They have much better chemistry, just like that pairing with Gabi and Philip; I’m just not buying that one. Jake and Gabi, yes! Gabi and Philip, no!

Jake was on the cusp of exposing Kristen as Susan, but the kooky one managed to pull one over on the DiMera tycoon after knocking Kate out and holding her hostage after discovering her true identity. Yeah, Kristen is just kidnapping and exposing people left and right America. Gwen is pregnant and with Chad’s baby to say the least. It has left Abigail flabbergasted and just broken. Looks like Gwen is starting to regret her actions, but I sense some major drama in the works for Chad, Abigail and Gwen as May sweeps swoops. Looks like a baby loss might be on the horizon people.

With that said, the one tidbit that has annoyed me is the Chanel and Xander marriage. Simply put who cares?

I’m more interested in finding out what Paulina Price whispered to Eli and Lani’s twins before leaving Salem temporarily. Hmm, something tells me that Paulina is Lani’s real mother, meaning the twins are her grandkids.  It would explain her sudden arrival in town and her need to ensure the kids are covered when it comes to their college education. If only the writers actually shared with the audience what that secret is. Don’t worry I’m sure we will find out very soon “Days of Our Lives” fanatics!