HOLLYWOOD—Gosh, if there is a soap opera on TV that knows how to weave a narrative and draw the audience in to keep them hooked as we usher in potential bombshells it is “General Hospital.” All sorts of chaos, and I mean literal chaos has transpired since we last spoke. For starters, Carly has been making moves people and I mean major moves to say the least. First, she found herself doing all in her power to help Anna and Valentin woo Gladys in an attempt to get her to recant her statement about Jason shooting Franco.

Nikolas was nervous about Alexis being behind bars, enter Cyrus offering his protection. This is the dumbest move that the sometimes wicked Cassadine has ever entertained. You make a deal with the Devil who is (as Laura and Carly explicitly explained) will use you to do his bidding to no end. Nikolas you opened a door for Cyrus and now that he has entered he is going to have you wrapped around his finger until he no longer needs you.

He knows how to strike people at the core, and Nikolas’ move helped Cyrus get Florence back so he’s ready to go back to his dirty dealings in Port Charles. As a result, Carly has turned to drastic measures. She arranged for Shawn to be moved to a cell with Jason to arrange a stabbing so that she could bust him out of prison. Jason is being treated and it is only a part of the plan by Carly and Britt to help Jason make a move to strike Cyrus when he least expects it.

So Jason is at GH being treated by Britt and the ruse is now on play to help Jason escape and if Jason is lurking Cyrus should be concerned because he knows he was framed for Franco’s murder and that Cyrus is power player causing trouble in prison. This might be the move that finally pushes Jason to take out Cyrus Renault once and for all, especially since Florence is in his possession and Laura seems determined now more than ever to dismantle her wicked brother.

Talk about wicked people, Peter August, this guy has gone from charming villain to full-blown villain and is taking no prisoners. He drugged Chase accidently and it has fueled rage in Anna, Finn and Valentin to say the least. Anna has teased she will take out (meaning murder) Peter if it comes to it and I believe her. How so? Um, she killed her twin sister Alex people, you think she won’t take out her nephew who is a killer and has caused all sorts of chaos?

When Finn learned it was Peter who poisoned his son, yeah, Finn is getting use to Chase being his son; he lashed out at Anna, who managed to gather up pieces of that vial that Peter destroyed in hopes of developing antidote for Finn. Chase was deteriorating and Willow did her best to give Chase false hope they would be a couple. Anna was forced to arrange a meeting with Maxie and Peter for that antidote and it may have miraculously saved Chases’ life for the time being.

This only ushered in the twist that I saw coming, Maxie and Brook Lynn will team up. Brook Lynn is NOT pregnant, but is keeping up the ruse to get Valentin to hand over shares to the family company, ELQ. Maxie plans to fake her daughter’s death to deliver a blow to Peter. Brook Lynn will pass off Maxie’s baby as hers. Risky because you run into the problem of angering two people: Valentin and Peter and that’s not good considering that Valentin has turned over a new leaf, but this could usher in his dark side, and for Peter there is NO TELLING WHAT HE MIGHT DO NEXT!

Let’s return to Jax and Carly, Jax has come face-to-face with Nina and Sonny people. Yes, he saw Sonny in the flesh after he was shot by one of Elijah’s goons. Yeah, Elijah and Sonny will not be buddies to say the least. Nina is in dicey waters because she doesn’t want Jax to know Sonny is alive, yet alone reveal the fact that she has none for a while and NOT disclosed it. Yeah, this seems like a silly tale and I don’t know how it’s going to culminate, but it seems Jax will be the first to expose this truth to Carly and if you think the war between Nina and Carly was hot it’s going to explode into massive chaos.

Carly is at war with everyone since Sonny ‘died.’ Jason is her bestie and will do anything to protect him, look at this prison bust. Then take the fact that she is going toe-to-toe with Cyrus, not to mention she’s at war with Ava and Nikolas, who think all is back to normal. Ava and Nikolas you would be wrong. Those creepy gifts that Ava has received as of late, many speculate were the result of Ryan Chamberlain or Spencer Cassadine.

However, I have another theory, what if its Morgan Corinthos! Morgan died, but we never saw a body people and this would be a welcome twist that could change everything as we know it if the writers are looking to deliver one hell of a surprise to the viewers this is one that will leave “General Hospital” stunned.