HOLLYWOOD—Well after more than 6 months of speculating what has transpired with Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake, viewers now have the answer to who has been holding the brilliant doctor captive. Did you properly guess it? Yep, its Jerry Jacks. I must say this was a welcome surprise, because my suspicions had things pegged on Victor Cassadine, especially since the month of November treated soap fans with the death of Helena.

So just why in the world is Jerry keeping Robin captive? Well apparently, he is still ill or looking to develop a formula for a big payout and Robin is his only savior to developing that formula. I mean can this woman catch a break; it’s already painful enough to watch her be held against her will, while her family secretly wonders if her work is more important than those she cares about. I mean Jerry had a hand with Helena and Faison the last time Robin was missing in action, so my suspicions clearly point to a bigger baddie at the forefront of the madness.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Faison was at it once again, but he better pray Anna doesn’t get word, because if she does, all hell will break loose. She already shot Carlos, and I have no doubt she’ll put a bullet in the man that has threatened her life, as well as her family. One thing that is certain, now that Robin is back in action, this looks to be the narrative that will wrap up Jason Thompson’s saga as Dr. Patrick Drake. Fingers crossed that Robin, Emma and Patrick sail away in the sunset for a happily-ever after, God knows all three of them deserve it.

Speaking of deserving it, let’s hand out that Emmy to little Emma because the girl killed it last week. Watching those gut-wrenching scenes of little Emma cry out her heart for her mother to come home, after learning news that Sam and Patrick were not getting married shattered me. I mean gosh that was hard to watch, which shows a testament to fine acting.

It seems like the Jason reveal has had more ripple effects in Port Charles than one can imagine. After weeks of waiting, the truth finally came out: Liz and Nikolas got busted over knowing Jason’s identity. The confrontation between Liz and Sam was epic, but seeing Liz do her best to get Jason to understand her side of the story was just phenomenal. I hate to say this, but sometimes Elizabeth Webber is not the nicest person in town. Her life is indeed in shambles, I wonder who will come to her rescue this time around.

If Liz thought the confrontation she received from Sam and Jason was bad, she never expected Carly, Jason’s BFF to unleash a fury unlike any other. One thing I can say about Carly: if you mess with her or her family prepare to have your life ruined because the woman is like a piranha that never lets up. Carly ripped into Liz in a public way that would have made Jonathan Jackson applaud. Come on you all remember those epic scenes where Lucky ripped into Liz and Nikolas for cheating behind his back.

There is also that tidbit of Hayden doing all in her power to get the goods on who really shot her. She knows that Sean didn’t pull that trigger that left her in a coma. I mean this woman is secretly working with Tracy, while teaming up with someone from her past, Curtis, to get ballistics on that bullet. There is one thorn she didn’t expect: Jordan Ashford. Yep, Curtis is a man from Jordan’s past, and happens to be TJ’s uncle. Hmm, wonder just how much history those two share?

Of course we can’t forget about the impending saga involving Paul Hornsby, Anna and now Mac has gotten involved in the mystery. Anna now suspects Carlos as being alive and has reason to believe that the new DA has murdered her pal Sloane to cover up his tracks. All I can say is finally, Mac is getting a storyline, yay! I’m so intrigued to find out precisely where this narrative is going, because I have certainty that major skeletons are in Paul’s closet that will leave viewers reeling.

I can’t believe it, there are so many intertwining storylines taking place on “General Hospital” that viewers will indeed find themselves connected by something. “General Hospital” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. on ABC.