BRENTWOOD—It was reported on Monday, April 24 that actor Jim Carrey’s reduced the price of his Brentwood property from $28.9 million to $26.5 million.

The 61 year-old Canadian’s home is 12,700 square feet and has 6 bedrooms. The home has formal living and dining rooms near the center hall entry, with fireplaces.

There is an Art Deco movie theatre with distinct sofas and a burl wood snack area. The property includes a gym, home office, gourmet kitchen and family room. There is also a barbecue in the kitchen.

Carrey first moved to Hollywood in 1983 and started performing at the comedy club. He appeared on the FOX comedy sketch series “In Living Color” alongside Keenan Ivory Wayans and Daman Wayans. He starred alongside Cameron Diaz in “The Mask” in 1994. That same year, he starred alongside Jeff Daniels in the comedy “Dumb And Dumber.”

“The Truman Show” and “Man on the Moon” in the late 90s demonstrated Carrey’s ability to act in dramas. “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond,” a 2017 documentary showcased Carrey’s method acting process while playing Andy Kaufman in “Man on The Moon.”

Carrey’s latest release, “Sonic The Hedgehog 2” was released in 2022, and is currently streaming on Paramount Plus.