AMERICA−On July 4, thirteen-year Navy Veteran, Joe Collins, 34, announced his candidacy for California’s 43rd District to unseat incumbent Maxine Waters (D-CA) in the November 3 election.

Collins, from south-central Los Angeles, says in his bio that he “has braced himself for his new role, becoming the next U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district, to be the impact voice of change for his beloved community.”

Joe Collins Tweet

According to his biography on his web page, Collins earned the rank of Chief Petty Officer (CPO), worked as a Naval jet aviation mechanic working on and then training thousands of sailors on aircraft including the F-18 Super Hornet fighter, E-6 Mercury Airborne Command Post, and MH-60 Sea Hawk Assault Helicopter. As a leader in uniform, he obtained several military and civic certifications, becoming a licensed financial planning professional and a certified counselor for rape and sexual assault victims.

The Navy CPO relays that he knows all too well about the conditions of the 43rd District; lack of quality education, unsafe gang activity, alarming high crime rates, and rampant homelessness.

He will run as a Republican, and is already working in the community. Collins announced in a press release dated July 16 that he is on a “Love Mission” to give away free food every Saturday during the COVID crisis. For more information contact

On August 9, Collins will be hosting a free drive-in movie showing the documentary, “The People Have Power.” The show will be held at the Radium in Torrance, California.