UNITED STATES—July is PURPOSEFUL PARENTING MONTH! The month is almost over but you were unaware? That’s because it doesn’t seem to get as much press as it should considering nothing kills society as much as un-parented children?

I’m certainly not the only one complaining about it.

Almost 2 months ago, I wrote Joel Osteen: God’s Psychologist and I continue to be fascinated by him. He has a lot to say about how we should treat our kids, and IT’S ALL GOOD!

The pastor and his bevy of faithful kin incorporate small lessons for parenting in many of their sermons and writings. It makes sense that they would, because positive and purposeful parenting is something that is MOST NEEDED in our world. SOMETHING THAT WE ARE UNDENIABLY LACKING.

When I listen to his words I do not hear only God. I hear other things…

Common sense and well thought conceptualizations. The desire to help humans be all they can be. I hear psychology, defined by Merriam-Webster as “the science of mind and behavior.” We know that behaviors are programmed into the “mind” of children before they are old enough to begin school.

Before quoting a couple of things from this world-loving pastor, I want to remind readers of what the American Society for the Positive Care of Children (SPCC) tells us the top 3 major goals of parenting should be:

  1. Ensuring children’s health and safety (example: teaching eating, exercise, hygiene, and safety habits).
  2. Preparing children for life as productive adults (example: positive self-esteem, work ethics).
  3. Transmitting cultural values (example: respect for all humans regardless of color, creed, gender).

With this is mind let’s look at just a few things the great pastor has said.

From JUST ONE of Joel Osteen’s sermons we get several valuable lessons on how parents cripple the self-concepts of children:

“There are people today not reaching their potential because of hurtful words spoken over them. They heard their parents OVER AND OVER: you can’t do anything right, your not smart… Now those words are limiting their life.”

“Are you building people up with your words or are you cutting people up with your words? Are you encouraging them, making them stronger, more confident? Or are you pushing them down, leaving them wounded and scarred? Many times we recover from a physical wound much quicker than an emotional wound and parents we have a responsibility to speak words of life, faith, encouragement into our children…”

“Don’t say derogatory things to your children that are going to damage their self-image…

Correct them in a loving kind way. Don’t start cutting them up early in life with hurtful words. They have enough to overcome already as it is… Let’s be parents that speak life into our children. That push them into their destiny. That help release their dreams. Our children are a gift from God and with that gift comes a responsibility.”


I think we have a common goal, THE GREAT PASTOR and I. We both want THE BEST for ALL children, not just our own.

My words may not have the same power behind them, but this church’s view on parenting goes hand in hand with the stuff I complain about ALL THE TIME.

How parents ruin children. Different circumstances, different parenting goals. Positive parenting is MENTORING. Anti-mentoring is bad parenting. Do as I say not as I do parenting. Children are born with a BLANK SLATE: Tabula Rasa.

In the end, I will leave you with the video that made me realize how relevant Joel Osteen’s words are in our world today.