UNITED STATES—We all like to believe the legal system is fair and equal, but the more I watch the news the more I throw my hands up in the air. Police officers across the country risk their lives daily to protect citizens and get criminals off the street. You have some, because let’s face it there are corrupt apples in every industry. However, when we get the criminals off the street and they find themselves in the legal system all that work goes to dust, when judges are allowing criminals out with low bails.

Yes, this may sound like something that you think should not happen, but it transpires all the time. There are judges who for reasons I cannot fathom allow criminals who have committed heinous crimes out on low bails. Guess what happens, that criminal commits another crime, sometimes worse than the initial crime. It makes me wonder, why these judges not held accountable for setting such low bails? I mean seriously, someone has to make things make sense to me because I am completely baffled by this.

Someone murders someone and they get a bail that is 10 percent of $100,000? Are you serious? You took someone’s life, there should be no bail at all. I don’t care if a person doesn’t have a criminal record. Guess what, they NOW have a criminal record from the crime they just committed. Even worse, someone attempts to murder someone, committing a heinous offense and they receive a $50,000 bail with only 10 percent needing to be paid? That means the person can pay $5,000 and be out there ready to commit another crime.

I would love as a journalist to grill a judge who has just given a low bail to a criminal, who managed to post pail and then commits another crime and its worse than the previous crime. I would want that judge to tell me in their own words why the bail was set so low, knowing the person was a threat to the community. Guess what? They have now committed a wicked crime and do you think you are responsible for that?

Of course you’re going to have those judges who don’t take accountability for their actions and that is annoying as hell people. You cannot just be in a position of power and abuse it and not do your job to its absolute fullest. The criminal justice system starts with the cops, moves to the prosecutor/district attorney’s office and then the actual court system ensures those who have committed crimes are not allowed to be a threat to their community or the world.

Do I feel some judges just don’t care? Absolutely, but then again we as citizens would have to dig into their background and look at the history of bail they have set for criminals who have committed certain crimes during their career. At the same time, you have to be attuned to the possibility that certain standards or guidelines have to be followed by law. I totally understand that, but if a judge has a history of playing favorites or doing things that just raise red flags that speak volumes people!

We have so many people focused on voting for the President of the United States, governor, mayor, but we forget about the judges we place in positions of power who have a big impact on crime and the legal system. We need to do more homework on the people who are running as judges in their districts and community. When you appoint these people you could be appointing someone who cares less if criminals are put back on the streets or not. That’s not what I want in my community.

I want to know when I walk out my door I’m not worried about being robbed or someone burglarizing my home. This matters because if you have a judge who sticks it to a repeat robber or offender it sends a clear message to them to get their act together or they can look forward to spending the rest of their lives behind bars people. Look, not all of us are versed in the legal arena, but that doesn’t mean you cannot educate yourself more on things. Being a judge is a very powerful position, look at the U.S. Supreme Court, they set precedents when it comes to constitutional law, many are appointed by the POTUS.

So yes, who you vote for matters, but at the same time, it begins at the local level people. You have a lot more impact with your vote than you can imagine. When you are thinking about going to the polls, do that homework on the judges you appoint. It can make a vast difference in the legal arena and crime people.