HOLLYWOOD—June is one of the most popular wedding months, with many couples marrying in June. June is the most romantic month to get married since the goddess Juno, for whom June is named was the protector of women in all aspects of life, especially in marriage and childbearing, so a wedding in Juno’s month was considered most auspicious. As far as expense, it is costly in the month of June. It’s tradition to be married in the month, it dates back to the Roman times.

Couples who marry in June are usually blessed with happiness and prosperity. June is for roses, and red roses symbolize love. So the roses theme is a perfectly lovely and traditional idea. If there’s one thing we can count on in this world it’s that the Hallmark Channel which is home to a good love story that speaks to us hopeless romantics at heart. Hallmark always has a special place in our souls around the holidays or wedding season that take these love stories up a notch. So if you need your romantic fix, it’s Hallmark.

The Hallmark channel is having June weddings 2023 movies this month. On June 3, “Wedding Season” premiered starring Stephanie Bennett and Casey Deidrick. Trish is a journalist who is back-to-back bridesmaid duty for her three best friends. When her date is unable to join, she pairs up with photographer Ryan (Deidrick), the brother of her best friend.

On June 10, “Love’s Greek to Me,” premieres starring Torrey DeVitto, Yannis Tsimitselis and Marina Sirtis. When Ilana (DeVitto) travels to Santorini with her Greek boyfriend Mike (Tsimitselis) for his sister Alex’s (Katerina Konstas) wedding, she’s thrilled to be asked to be her American Maid of Honor. Mikes surprises Ilana by proposing, leaving Ilana caught in the whirlwind created by his well-meaning and overly enthusiastic mother Athena (Sirtis).

“The Wedding Contract” premieres June 17, starring Becca Tobin and Jake Epstein Rebecca (Tobin), a teacher, and Adam (Epstein), an executive are excited to plan their Jewish wedding, but their wedding and future are put into jeopardy when Adam lands a new ad campaign, and their mothers meet for the first time. Then on June 24, “Make Me A Match,” premieres starring Rushi Kota and Eva Bourne (Vivi), an optimistic woman with a substandard romantic history, works at a data-driven matchmaking app. Once she discovers that the success rate for matches at her company is low, she hires Raina (Rekha Sharma), an Indian matchmaker, to provide advice on how to improve their numbers. As they embark on this matchmaking journey.

Vivi meets Raina’s spontaneous son, Bhumesh (Kota), and questions whether finding love is something one must take control of or let naturally come to them. If you go to Prime Video, you can also see “A Country Wedding,” starring Jesse Metcalfe and Autumn Reeser. This Hallmark original movie tells the story of a famous country singer returning to his small town before getting married to his glamorous Hollywood actress fiancée. Naturally, he bumps into a former flame while home and begins to question the meaning of true love-and whether this childhood sweetheart is the woman he should actually be marrying.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much time left before the wedding to figure it all out. Also on Prime, “The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells,” starring Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith are back in this sequel to “The Perfect Bride.” As boyfriend and girlfriend, the pair are ready to take the next step and start planning nuptials of their own-until life gets in the way. Now that they’re faced with a possible postponement they meet the biggest wedding planning dilemma of all: Can their wedding actually happen?

Also on Prime we have “Perfect Match,” about an engaged couple that can’t agree on anything while wedding planning, the groom’s mother gets involved by hiring two drastically different people- an event planner and a wedding planner-to help try to bring their vision to life. But as these planners begin working together to help the couple compromise, they start falling in love themselves in a tale of opposites attracting in the best possible way.

Rose’s Scoop: Mark your calendars the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival is June 7 thru June 18.