HOLLYWOOD—By now all of you “The Bold and the Beautiful” fanatics are well aware of the return of Eric’s true heir Thorne Forrester, who has shaken Forrester Creations and LA in a way that not many people expected. I hate to say this, but the recast of the character, with Ingo Rademacher taking over for Winsor Harmon was perfect. We now have a character that seems a bit tougher on the exterior and who isn’t afraid to shake things up in a major, major way people.

Thorne’s return is great because it is causing major friction between Ridge and Brooke’s relationship. Ok, I knew Brooke hooked up with Eric and Ridge, but I totally forgot she was also married to Thorne at some point. My mind is literally spinning people! Ridge has been slowly cozying up to Brooke each day, but Thorne has made it his mission to force his older ‘brother’ to face the music about his past misdeeds. I have to agree with Thorne, it’s like Ridge can do almost anything and people act as if nothing happened. I mean he was secretly smooching with Quinn, Eric’s wife of all people.

The fact that Eric and Brooke have been so coyly able to forgive Ridge and Quinn for their betrayal is shocking. To be honest I think it’s concerning that Brooke has warmed back up to her one true love so quickly; I mean it hasn’t even been like 6 months since she learned about Ridge’s betrayal. So what does Ridge do? He sweeps her off her feet with a steam room trip, followed by a grand gesture for a proposal. However, with Thorne placing that kiss on Brooke and him reigniting emotions about Ridge’s betrayal, a ‘YES’ may not be in the cards people. That unnecessary drama thanks to Maya and Nicole was a huff in the air. Maya is really starting to irk me as a character; she comes across pretentious, but has many skeletons in her closet, I wonder how Nicole would feel if she learned why Maya REALLY wanted her in Paris!

That does not make Ridge happy considering Thorne is looking to take over the helm of Forrester from his big brother, and what better person to utilize than your little brother Rick, who hates Ridge just as much as Thorne. I mean Thorne is forcing Eric, Brooke, Ridge and Quinn to take a deep hard look in the mirror and really grapple with whether they have indeed forgiven and attuned for their misdeeds. I mean the brothers came to blows after Thorne decided he had enough with Ridge’s belittling chatter. Quinn later felt Thorne’s wrath as well, over her betraying his father. Oh, and I didn’t mention the juiciest part of it all: Sheila was the person to drop the bomb on Thorne about Ridge and Quinn!

For those who thought Sheila was down and out, think again. That woman is a pariah and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Thorne could indeed be a valuable asset to her, so Ridge, Quinn and Eric better watch out, things are about to explode in a big way. Speaking of Quinn, just as I expected, she would be the culprit to drop the bomb on Liam about Steffy’s whereabouts the night he confessed to kissing Sally Spectra. That has the wheels churning in Liam’s head about where Steffy was and who she may have been with. Steffy (we all know) has lied to her hubby, about just driving around. She was secretly getting busy with her father-in-law Bill Spencer.

Making the situation worse is that Steffy is riddled with guilt and could crack any moment, whereas Bill is as cool as a cucumber. This guy really wants Steffy to dump Liam to be with him. Things get worse people: Steff is pregnant! So the big mystery now is who is the daddy, I think we all know its Bill Spencer. Now that is betrayal at its best. Making the situation more complicated is there is no way that Brooke has gotten over Bill that quickly, so Ridge throwing in his opponent’s face that he has garnered the upper hand yet again is not good. Ridge already has Thorne against him; he doesn’t need to add fuel to the fire by antagonizing Bill as well, because imagine Bill gloating about sleeping with Ridge’s daughter, on top of her being pregnant and Bill being the father. Oh, Ridge may not have the greatest 2018 people.