BEL AIR—The Bel-Air Association, along with “Keep Bel-Air Beautiful,” will soon send out a year-end letter asking the public to make donations to the KBAB fund. The association, KBAB volunteers, and employees work throughout the year during the holidays to help the neighborhood celebrate the season. 

The year 2020 marks the 27th year of the “Keep Bel-Air Beautiful” program, which was established in 1993 when the city of Los Angeles decided to cut back on the budget and limiting services to the Bel-Air neighborhood. Donations from the neighbors have facilitated in island overhauls, seasonal planting, holiday decorations, and roadside clean ups.

In 2019, KBAB was able to repair and repaint the damage done to the East Gate, upgrade holiday decorations, install lights early, refurbish the Sunset Boulevard entrance signpost, and trim dangerous trees and branches.

Other goals include making repairs from damage done to the West Gate, as well as preserving and fixing the large island on Moraga Drive. All donations come from the Bel-Air community. All donations to KBAB are tax deductible, as a result ofa ruling two years ago. Donation can be made here.