BRENTWOOD-Kenn Viselman, an entertainment producer who is known for his work on Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends, and Teletubbies, announced on Tuesday, April 28 that he and Brooklyn Weaver are bringing the popular animation Moonzy to the United States.


Moonzy is a Russian animated series for children and has attracted a lot of viewers from around the world. The main character Moonzy explores different places in order to learn the world and this purple furry alien always delivers positive messages to kids.


“With the nation being polarized and every aspect of life being politicized on nearly every screen everywhere, there could not possibly be a better time than now to introduce Moonzy as a safe-haven for our children,” said Kenn Viselman.


According to Yahoo Finance, Moonzy would be in partnership with Kenn Viselman’s itsy bitsy Entertainment, Brooklyn Weaver, Claus Tomming and INK Media, Melnitsa Animation Studio, the series’ award-winning producers Sergei Selyanov and Alexander Boyarskiy and art director, two-time Academy Award nominee, Konstantin Bronzit. In the Americanized series, there are 108 episodes in the first season and each episode is five minutes.


“I have never been drawn to a children’s property with the intensity I have with Moonzy. I’m really excited to help Kenn share him and his adventures with our side of the world,” said Weaver.


Viselman, Weaver, and all the people who have involved in the plan of bringing Moonzy to America were dealing with the rights for broadcast and promotion, and the deal was negotiated in Brentwood California.