WOODLAND HILLS—On Saturday, February 17, there was an attempted burglary at Kennedy Surf Shop located at 22026 Ventura Boulevard. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers reportedly responded to the alarm being triggered at that location at 9:30 p.m.

Surfboard photo by Addy Mae

Surveillance footage of the incident first obtained by KTLA depicted shattered glass from the storefront window and the front sidewalk.

A post went out on X at 11:45 p.m. from the SFV scanner, “#lapd#topanga 6600 Topanga Canyon Crime broadcast for a smash and grab 30 min. ago.”

Multiple commenters shared their disdain for the upsurge in crime.

@Jimmy9808872 tweeted, “Hitting the Westfield shopping center in Canoga Park again and again…”

Kat~ also replied, “Neiman’s or Nordstrom? So tired of this nonsense… this area needs a serious neighborhood watch/proactive group until Rams training facility moves in…”

Canyon News reached out to LAPD Topanga Division for more information and a possible description of the suspect(s).  An unnamed LAPD Media Relations officer sent a return email stating that there was no description of the suspects except that, “they were wearing dark clothing.” 

On February 22, LAPD Detective Deborah Myers responded with the following update.

“The Kennedy Surf Shop reported a burglary on 2/17/2024 between 2200-2225 hours.  Unfortunately, there is no suspect description at this time. The suspect/suspects smashed a display window and removed merchandise that was displayed in the window area.”