SPRINGFIELD, MA— The Hall of Fame ceremony for Kobe Bryant, which was scheduled for August, is being delayed due to COVID-19.

The HOF ceremony to induct Kobe Bryant into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame was originally scheduled for August 28 to the 30th, but due to complications brought upon by the Coronavirus, it will be postponed for a later date. At first, when issues began looming in response to the Coronavirus, alternate dates of October 10 to the 12th were proposed, but it seems it will be longer than that. 

The enshrinement ceremonies for the Hall of Fame class of 2020, which includes Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett alongside the late Kobe Bryant, will instead now take place in 2021, according to HOF’s Chairman of the board, Jerry Colangelo.

According to Colangelo, even the alternate dates proposed for later this year are ”just not feasible” due to the pandemic taking over the world currently. Colangelo says the Hall of Fame’s board of governors will meet June 10 to figure out dates for spring of 2021 for the enshrinement.

The ceremony was originally going to occur on August 29 this year at Symphony Hall in Springfield, MA. However, due to unforeseen circumstances —COVID-19— this will not be possible. Being that both 2020 and 2021 classes will be honored next year, Colangelo assured fans and the media that both classes will be honored separately in 2021.

Kobe Bryant spent all 20 years of his professional NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers. He died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas in late January this year.