BEVERLY HILLS—Los Angeles County continues to receive reports of illegal businesses in operation as hair salons and barbershops try to operate against the city guidelines for reopening by May 19.

The city of Los Angeles has slowly begun to loosen restrictions on businesses like beaches to reopen for strict recreational activity and restaurants are allowed to participate in curbside assistance. Retail services like beauty salons have yet to be given the order for reopening.

Governor Gavin Newsom indicated in an outline for the state that hair salons alongside other businesses can resume business at the beginning of June, except places like Los Angeles County can go at their own leisure:

“L.A. County is in a different position than other parts of the state. They can move at their own pace based upon their own local conditions,” said Governor Newsom.

Four hair salons including one barbershop were given criminal complaints for violating the “Safer-at-Home” Order resulting in the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology to get involved. Salons have filed a lawsuit against Governor Newsom for their right to earn a living.

The Board posted the following on Instagram on May 1 to threaten disciplinary actions against those violating the reopening process:

The Board urges licensees to follow the stay at home orders. If businesses continue to put public health and safety at risk by not following the guidance provided, and if circumstances warrant it, the Board may pursue disciplinary action against their license. This will not be taken lightly.”