UNITED STATES—On Thursday, December 3 and Friday, December 4, Lebron James and Anthony Davis re-signed new contracts with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Anthony Davis, 27, a Lakers Forward, signed a 5 year contract for $190 million, which is the maximum contract a player can sign, with an option for easy termination after the fourth year.  Davis is on track to be one of the most prominent players in the franchise since signs point to Davis possibly taking lead off the Lakers long after Lebron retires.

Davis was responsible for the Lakers 17th NBA championship victory in October 2020. Before the championship, he was an unrestricted free agent, which meant Davis was free to sign with any team he wanted. 

“Now, Lakers fans get to watch A.D. continue to grow and lead our franchise for years to come. This is truly a blessed moment for Lakers Nation,” said Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka in a statement. 

James re-signed with the Lakers under a two year extension for $86 million, which at his age of 35 is the longest deal he could agreed too. The NBA has an over-38 rule where players over the age of 38 cannot commit to multiyear contracts. His game statistics show him averaging 23 points last season ands won finals MVP on three separate franchises, according to NBA.com.

“Lebron put his trust in the Lakers in 2018, and now this contract extension paves the way for Lebron to further solidify his legacy as an all-time Lakers great. We could not be more honored by this commitment,” said Pelinka in a statement. 

The significance behind re-signing Davis and Lebron means that Pelinka plans to build a team with strong game point statistics and have the Los Angeles Lakers remain as a formidable franchise for the upcoming season.