HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Los Angeles Police Officer Alejandro Castillo was arrested on Wednesday, July 21, for filing a false police report and perjury. Castillo was a part of the LAPD West Traffic Division. 

According to the LAPD website, the LAPD’s Internal Affairs Division conducted an investigation after unspecified concerns came from the Los Angeles County Attorney’s Office while reviewing body camera footage of DUI arrests in October 2019. 

Investigators were working in connection with the Justice System Integrity Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. As a result, authorities were able to establish probable cause to believe that the body camera footage did not align with the written report. The specifics of the report have not been disclosed to the public.

As a result of the investigation, DUI charges were dropped against the suspect. Castillo was arrested and booked at the Metropolitan Detention Center, but later released on his Own Recognizance. As a result, Castillo has been relieved of his police powers. 

“The allegations of an officer falsifying a police report are extremely troubling and there must be accountability. This Department is fully cooperating with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office in this matter,” said LAPD Chief Michel Moore.

Castillo was a 13-year veteran of the LAPD and resides in Los Angeles.