HOLLYWOOD—Well it only took the episode before the season four finale for things to become interesting on “The Chi.” The penultimate episode, ‘Space Jam’ presented some interesting chaos. First off, this episode did not feature Nina or Dre once again. I mean that cheating bomb was dropped and we haven’t really seen the fallout from that. Looks like next week, viewers will get some discussion on that situation.

Anyway, things kickoff with Kevin realizing that things with Jemma are indeed over and he has been spending more and more time with his gamer pal. Things are looking so bright that, Kevin even allowed her to spend the night in his bedroom because of turmoil in her family household. I like this relationship it is much different than the drama Kevin endured being tied to Jemma.

Speaking of Jemma, things between her and Jake have indeed grown. It seems like they are in a solid relationship at the moment, but wait for it people because major and I mean a major drama culminated as the episode concluded. Trig and Douda had a conversation where it became apparent these two are more aligned now than in the past. I mean I remember at the end of season three Trig hated Douda; now, they’re almost like besties, ever since Roselyn dumped Douda.

I would not argue he’s spiraling; he is just getting back into his old ways. Douda will always be a gangster before a politician people. Marcus was livid to learn the city of Chicago lost the bid for the Olympics and that tension between those two is increasing each minute. It was such a treat to see Emmett and Darnell spend time with Jada as she continues to battle cancer. It was tender, sweet and just heartwarming scenes that needed to be shown on the series.

Let’s get back to the drama and its some major drama to say the least. I mean we didn’t see Imani or Tiffany in this episode as well, which makes me worry about their fates or the fate of their relationships as we enter the finale. I will admit it was hilarious seeing Kevin and Papa lip sync to Jagged Edge about their love problems. While they used music to vent, Keisha balanced work, a newborn and her personal life. She got a bit of advice, from the woman who she gave her child up to, only to take Ronnie back. Things are indeed looking brighter for Keisha as we near the finale.

However, the big turn of events involved friction between Marcus and Douda. Marcus delivered veiled threats that Douda did not take lightly. Remember, this is the same guy who all of a sudden wanted to have a relationship with Jake once again, who was dating Marcus’ daughter, Jemma. That threat Marcus issued to Douda led to a fist fight, where Douda ended up with the edge beating Marcus near death. What’s the problem? Trig intervened and wanted to call 911 for help, but Douda was against that. What leverage does Douda have over Trig where he is willing to do whatever Douda tells him?

Douda and Trig thought they had the situation contained, but that was until Jake and Jemma unexpectedly came home to retrieve Jake’s bag. Jake entered the house and saw a scene that left him aghast. He fled the home and didn’t say a single word to Jemma. Not good people because based on what the finale teased, it looked like Jemma’s dad dies and the audience knows who is culpable, Jake knows who is culpable, but will he spill that information to Jemma? It looks like we will have to wait until next Sunday to find out America, till next Sunday “The Chi” lovers!