CALIFORNIA—On Wednesday, September 8, California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder and his campaign team were attacked while in Venice.

A member of Elder’s security team stood between him and a woman in a gorilla mask who was throwing eggs at them. The woman swore at one of the staffers and started hitting him.  Video showed her slapping the staffer across the face with another man pushing his chest into him and holding his arms back. The video has amounted a total of 3.5 million views. Security escorted Elder and his team into the SUV.

According to reports, the agitators were from a local homeless camp. Venice Beach is home of a large homeless camp on the edge of the boardwalk. The group was touring the region. It is not clear if the attackers were homeless. Homeless people shouted, “If you are not going to help, leave.”

Elder is one of many candidates vying for Governor Gavin Newsom’s seat. Polls put Elder in the lead. Reports confirm that he is a GOP favorite. He was there in Venice on what Elder refers to as, “The Recall Express,” promoting his “Save California,” campaign.

Vice President Kamala Harris was in California this week to campaign for incumbent, Gavin Newsom. President Joe Biden is expected in California next week to campaign for Newsom as well.

According to a June 23 press release, California Secretary of State, Dr. Shirley Weber, of the U.S. Department of Finance was notified that the Recall Gavin Newsom effort acquired enough signatures to move forward with 1,719,900 signatures were verified. The election will take place on Tuesday, September 14.