Tag: Venice Beach

Woman Killed In Gang-Related Shooting Off Venice Beach

CALIFORNIA—A woman was shot and killed in Venice Beach on Tuesday, December 2, in what officials declared a gang-related homicide, a Los Angeles Police...

LAPD Fights Against Homeless Camps On Beaches

VENICE—The Los Angeles Police Department begins to crack down on the homeless population as the reports for camping on beaches soars on August 22. The...

Body Found On Venice Beach Identified As Shad Gaspard

VENICE BEACH—An unidentified body found on Venice Beach on Wednesday, May 20, by officials of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has been identified...

Venice Beach Closed Because Of Medical Waste

VENICE BEACH—Venice Beach was closed to the public on Sunday, November 10, after lifeguards discovered more than 100 syringes and lancets on the south...

Snapchat Selling Smart Sunglasses

VENICE—Snapchat is selling smart sunglasses out of a vending machine in Venice Beach. These glasses, called Spectacles, have built-in wireless video cameras. The frames can...

Corpse Found On Venice Beach

VENICE BEACH—On Monday, December 22, a man was discovered washed-up along the shore near Marina Del Rey. The man was discovered by a civilian at...
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