Tag: Larry Elder

Results Of California Recall Newsom Election

CALIFORNIA—Governor Gavin Newsom will retain his position after voters decided 63.9 percent to 36.1 percent in favor of the Newsom remaining Governor of the...

Larry Elder Staffer Attacked

CALIFORNIA—On Wednesday, September 8, California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder and his campaign team were attacked while in Venice. A member of Elder’s security team stood...

Larry Elder Commits To Unseating Dianne Feinstein

CALIFORNIA—Conservative talk show host and California GOP gubernatorial candidate  Larry Elder, who is running in the September 14, recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom...

Former Democrat Majority Leader Endorses Larry Elder

CALIFORNIA—On Thursday, August 26, former California State Democrat Majority Leader Gloria Romero of Los Angeles endorsed conservative radio talk show host, Larry Elder for...

VP Harris Supporting Newsom In Recall Election

UNITED STATES—Vice President and former California Senator, Kamala Harris announced a campaign stop upon her return from her trip to Singapore and Vietnam on...

Recall Newsom Ballots Mailed This Week

CALIFORNIA—On Thursday, August 19, the California Republican Party (CAGOP) announced that the ballots to vote to recall Governor Gavin Newsom have been mailed and...
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