MALIBU—In a technological age that contains a vast media landscape, Captain Chuck Becerra assured social media users on June 1 that the Malibu–Lost Hills Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has already been monitoring and vetting social posts that threaten the local community. 

The newly appointed Captain’s statement comes after a number of protests and occurrences of looting and rioting that have occurred in the surrounding Los Angeles area within the past week. Members of the community reported threats on social media that call for looting or rioting nearby, but Becerra says that people should not buy into the posts.

“LASD has a specialized unit dedicated to fishing for and reviewing these types of postings. By the time you’ve seen the posting, we’ve vetted it via our cyber crimes and criminal intelligence units,” said Becerra. 

Nationwide, police departments have been seeing an uptick in threatening posts as the country faces a stage of unrest and division. The tactic has been used as a fear-mongering strategy for decades. 

“Our community has an abundance of manpower right now, and if we need more resources Sheriff Villanueva will send them,” said Becerra. “These criminals are concentrating on businesses. You’re safer at home.  Mind the curfew orders and know Malibu/Lost Hills Station stands ready.”

On Thursday, June 4, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced that LASD will not enforce a curfew, but other jurisdictions may choose to do so.