LOS FELIZ—Authorities are looking for two suspects involved in an attack of a laundromat owner which transpired on May 12. The victim, Carl Swanson owns the laundromat located inside the Hillhurst Plaza on Hillhurst and Melbourne Avenues. He was mopping his business prior to opening at approximately 6 a.m., when a man and a woman came in and attacked him.

Swanson was struck with his own metal broom, kicked and bitten by one the suspects before Good Samaritans intervened.  He suffered two blows to the head and was left with a bloody face, a black eye and a bite mark on his back.

He is still recovering from his injuries with a fractured cheekbone and several stitches, but remains working alongside his wife Kerry at a fluff and fold business they own inside the laundromat.

Security cameras inside  Swanson’s business depict the suspects are a man and a woman, both Caucasian, and both dressed in black. The man was wearing a black baseball cap with red writing on it. The woman appears to have dark hair with green streaks.

A week before the attack, Swanson and his wife claimed they kicked the female suspect out of their laundromat. Swanson indicated a prior incident with the female suspect in the past, where she was kicked out of his establishment. According to reports, Swanson has encountered previous physical altercations with other patrons of the nearby bar the Drawing Room.

According to Swanson, patrons from the Drawing Room bar which is located in the same plaza as the laundromat, attempt to wait inside his business until the bar opens. Another business owner in the area Hamlet Arutyunyan, owner of Hillhurst Cleaners, has come out to say he has dealt with issues from the Drawing Room bar patrons as well. “Most of them, they are really wasted and it’s scary,” said Arutyunyan to CBS Los Angeles.