WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Monday, December 21, Lauren Meister was sworn-in as Mayor Pro Tempore for the city of West Hollywood. On December 7, Mayor Pro Tempore Lauren Meister was unanimously selected by the City Council following the installation of Councilmembers Sepi Shyne and John M. Erickson.

Mayor Pro Tempore Lauren Meister was elected to the West Hollywood City Council on March 3, 2015. She became involved with the city as a neighborhood watch captain and attended the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Community Academy.

Meister has been a resident of West Hollywood for more than 25 years. Prior to her election, she served on the Planning Commission and Public Safety Commission. She also served as Chair for the 2013 “Yes on Measure C” Term Limits for the West Hollywood committee, which limited elected Councilmembers to no more than three full or partial terms on the city council.

“Professionally, Mayor Pro Tem Meister is the sole proprietor of her own marketing research firm based in West Hollywood. As a businesswoman and market research professional, she listens to public opinion to form action-oriented solutions, understands the importance of budgets and resources, and believes that the City must provide good customer service and be accountable,” the city of West Hollywood said in an official statement.

Details of the West Hollywood City Council meeting and oath of office are available for viewing on the city’s website at www.weho.org/wehotv and on the City’s YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/wehotv.