HOLLYWOOD—This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes to three beautiful actresses who use their physical beauty and cunning to get what they want from others. Adrienne Frantz, who portrays Amber Moore on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” did a very commendable job as an actress who plays a perpetually deceptive young lady. Katherine Kelly Lang, who portrays Brooke Logan also on “B&B,” has even managed to get her mother-in-law Stephanie to take her side. Then Maura West, who portrays Diane Jenkins on “The Young and the Restless,” has taken the role of Diane to a whole new level. Her sensuous and exciting portrayal is must-see TV.

Adrienne Frantz’s return to “B&B” has been exciting. This week Amber continued deceiving Liam and Hope by telling them that Liam actually did sleep with her and is the father of her baby. Though Liam can’t remember the night because he was unconscious, he’s assured Hope that Amber is pregnant by another man. Viewers know Liam is correct, but that didn’t stop the scheming girl from the wrong side of the tracks from trying to put the blame on the son of L.A.’s billionaire publishing mogul Bill Spencer. Watching Adrienne’s twists and turns as an actress is always entertaining. She’s certainly mastered the character and is never boring.

Brooke Logan is played by Kelly Lang, a woman who knows how to hit all of the high notes in continuing drama. This week Brooke managed to even convince Stephanie to see things her way. Viewers of “B&B” realize that Brooke’s powers of persuasion have always been used to get her way with the men in Stephanie’s family. However, her decision to change and become a better person has gotten her the admiration of her mother-in-law. Lang’s performance remained on a high note this week, when she also confided in her sister Katie about what happened in Paris between her and Ridge’s son; then she confronted a lying Amber. Kelly knows just how to play it all, and she does it all so well.

Maura West is a two-time Emmy® winning actress. However, the role of Diane is now some of her most exciting work ever for viewers. This week Diane continued to juggle Nick and Victor, as she attempted to keep her affairs with both men from each other, as well as others. West is always a solid actress, who masters being conniving and deceitful. Her choices as an actress are perfect, always. She makes sure that even though Diane is being deceitful, that it is not in a villainess way. Diane just can’t help herself. We can’t help but watch her!

Photographs are Courtesy: Adrienne Frantz and Katherine Kelly Lang by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions and Maura West by JPI© Studios