HOLLYWOOD—Leading Ladies gold standard goes to Susan Flannery, who portrays Stephanie Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and Ashley Jones, who portrays Bridget Marone on the same show. Both ladies had an incredible week and they both shined brighter than the sun. Stephanie had to force an intervention on sister Pam who is being brainwashed by her lover. Bridget faced utter humiliation and destruction of her marriage over a one-night stand with her husband’s stepfather. Both Flannery and Jones take everything they are given and turn it into exciting drama.

Stephanie faced off with Stephen last week and told him, “When I find out what you are up to, I will nail you to a cross.” By Monday she’d made a call to the Beverly Hills police department, to ask Lt. Baker to keep an eye on the Logan patriarch, who is pretending to be in love with her sister Pam. Lt. Baker agreed, but Stephen’s diabolical plan is already on its way. Pam has stopped taking her medication which controls her bipolar disorder and is keeping that news away from Stephanie.

Stephanie decided to lock Pam in the Forrester cabin in Big Bear and refused to let her leave. Pamela’s really torn because she loves and admires Stephanie but she’s in love with the diabolical Stephen Logan, who has convinced her that they are soul mates. By Friday, Stephanie was face to face with the man who wants her dead. Stephanie managed to turn the tables on Stephen and on Friday, she put one bullet in her nemesis. Who knows what will happen next!

Bridget did all she could to come clean about her adulterous affair with Owen. At least she was able to tell her mother-in-law Jackie that she slept with her husband, then she was able to tell Owen that he was indeed her baby’s father. However, Bridget’s husband Nick will be the last person in the situation to find out that his wife cheated on him with his stepfather. Bridget wants to tell Nick, she’s wanted to come clean for weeks. However, leave it to a baby shower for any dirty secret to come out. Shower is what Bridget felt like taking, a cold one, when an outburst was overheard during her special day this week.  Bridget could no longer hide the truth from Nick.

Bridget has long been the one person in the Forrester/Logan families that has always done the right thing and been above reproach. However, Bradley Bell knows fans don’t want boring, they love turmoil. With Jack Wagner and Ashley Jones in the upcoming scenes next week, that’s exactly what we are about to get. Excellent writing and superb acting. Jones has turned into one of the best performers on television. She works for the best writer and producer in the business. “B&B” has a lot of summer excitement ahead. Summer is just beginning and Brad has trotted out the most exciting storylines anywhere so far this season.

Susan Flannery the multi-Emmy award winner and Ashley Jones, one of the most talented young ladies in Hollywood are sure fire winners this summer on “B&B.” Stephanie and Bridget are bold and beautiful!
Both Photographs are Courtesy: Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions