Leading Ladies, Uncontrollable Women

HOLLYWOOD —CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” has some of the most incredibly beautiful and yet talented actresses of all shows on television. This week, two of the striking stand-outs in TV include Sarah Brown, who portrays unhinged surrogate-mother Sandy and Jacquelin MacInnes Wood, who is Steffy Forrester, the rich spoiled brat who believes Forrester Creations should be hers.

The week started out with Steffy unhappy that newly-hired CEO Katie Logan chose teenage intern Hope Logan’s campaign over hers.  Steffy knows that Hope is not only inexperienced but it was also not the superior campaign and that Katie is choosing Hope over Steffy in an effort to undermine and also push the young Forrester out of the business.


Jacqueline MacInnes as Steffy Forrester

Not so fast, Steffy would say. Brad Bell has come up with an ingenious plot to make the decades long battle over the most prestigious Los Angeles fashion house even more exciting than before. Steffy is really conniving, but so is Katie; this week it seemed as though Forrester’s plan to get under her boss’s husband’s skin is working. He has growing feelings for Steffy and one wonders if she’s just using him to regain control of her family’s company or if she’s falling for the handsome hunk herself.

Sarah Brown who gives a powerful performance so often you would have to buy stock in Kleenex to keep up with the tears. Brown’s Sandy originally seemed as though she had an agenda when she agreed to carry a baby for Nick and Bridget Forrester Marone. However, she soon proved to be a victim of a horrific rape that caused her not only an emotional breakdown but to change her name and virtually go into hiding.


Sarah Brown as Sandy/Agnes

Soon we saw yet another side of Sandy, but we’re not sure quite what it is. Not only is Bell planning the revelation this way, but fans are glued to their seats and hope that Bridget realizes soon that Sandy has Nick, Briget’s handsome husband lying to her to protect Sandy’s awful secrets. Sarah Brown and Jacqueline MacInness Wood proved what undeniable acting legends they are to daytime television this week.

“B&B” airs on CBS weekdays.
Photographs Courtesy: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Sarah Brown Courtesy Gilles Toucas Bell Phillip TV Productions and JPI Photography