Leading Men, Billionaires In Charge

HOLLYWOOD —Eric Braeden’s return this week as Victor Newman left nothing to the imagination. The brilliant thespian, who has inhabited the role for almost three decades, has been gone for a few months, but Victor returned better than ever. Maria Arena Bell has returned the billionaire patriarch to his greatest challenges and Braeden took control of things as an actor and fans raved about his first week back.


Eric Braeden as Victor Newman

Any lesser giant would have simply lagged a little behind and made fans wonder if he could do what he once did. Thrill an audience like no other, make us want to see Victor in total control of his company and start puttin his offspring back in their place, which was desperately needed. Without a doubt Mr. Braeden accomplished it all and then some.

When Friday’s episode ended the week earlier, Nick and Adam were fighting in the office, had knocked Victor’s painting off the wall in their fit of rage. “What the hell is going on here,” the wealthy tycoon stated.  On Monday, Victor not only told both sons they would stop the constant bickering, but that he was taking back control of the company as well. In what was masterfully written by Ms. Bell and acted by one of the true acts of nature on the screen, Victor picked his painting up, placed it back above the mantle on the wall and fans knew, he was not only back, but in charge.


Don Diamont as Bill Spencer

Don Diamont as Bill Spencer has grown as an actor and his incredible range is astounding. The handsome star this week was all made up with his wife Katie, at least he assumed things were back on track. Katie recently spied her husband being caressed on the cheek by her nemesis Steffy Forrester and planned Steffy’s professional demise at Forrester Creations.

Katie may be the CEO, but husband Bill is the man who controls the decision making over who comes and who goes. So if Katie thinks she’s going to off her competition too easily and fire her, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Bill admitted to his right-hand man at Spencer Publications that he had feelings for the young Steffy Forrester. Justin was taken by surprise but Bill seemed determined to admit his feelings and to unload his guilt.  Does he really have any guilt?  Probably not. Bill Spencer is a man who will cause a lot of damage to the Forrester Creations team and Bradley Bell is the master in figuring out how to make the impact the most dramatic and exciting.

With Bill Spencer and Victor Newman running two of the world’s most powerful and wealthy corporations and both men under attack by their loved ones, fans can’t get enough of the corporate intrigue which makes “B&B” and “Y&R” the best shows on television.  Both shows air on CBS weekdays.

Photographs Courtesy: Monty Brinton, CBS Photography and Bell Phillip TV Productions