HOLLYWOOD —This week feminine phenomenon Lesley-Anne Down had one of the best weeks any actress could ever ask for. Lesley portrays Jackie Marone Knight on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and Jackie’s week starting out with high drama while the ending left viewers shocked and more fascinated by the storyline than they originally thought was possible. Jackie’s devastation showed on Down’s gorgeous face, as shock, tears, then defiance were strong emotions the British born star showed with an astonishing level of stamina.

Jackie had always loved her daughter-in-law Bridget Forrester Marone. Even when Nick and Bridget were not together, Jackie wanted the couple to reunite. Jackie celebrated the return of Bridget into her son’s life after they once divorced then remarried. Bridget had up until last month been an upstanding and dependable woman, and a solid moral figure in the Marone family. Jackie has always stood by Bridget and felt like she was more of a daughter than an in-law in her heart and mind.

On Monday Jackie fumed yet remained in shock when the horror of Bridget’s affair with Jackie’s own husband finally started to sink into the beauty’s head. The man she loved had betrayed her with the one woman she never doubted as being moral and decent. Bridget recently took a moral nose dive when her unborn child was miscarried by her surrogate Aggie Jones. Bridget felt that her marriage with Nick, Jackie’s son, was over and her despair led her to her husband’s father-in-law. Jackie always knew that being somewhat older than Owen there would be challenges. The couple had decided to forego adoption at this time and just enjoy being married. Jackie felt insecure that she was unable to give her husband his own child, but the vision of her daughter-in-law doing so became a reality when on Tuesday Bridget revealed the paternity test results. The baby was indeed Owen’s not Bridget’s husband Nick.

After more shock and despair, Jackie made a shocking move. Bradley Bell, unlike any other head writer, decided this storyline has more twists and turns than the Pacific Coast Highway. Jackie demanded that Bridget not tell anyone, not her husband Nick or Jackie’s husband Owen anything about the baby’s true paternity. Bridget was ordered to tell Owen the child is Nick’s, making Bridget as deceptive as her mother Brooke Logan has been all of these years. “You owe this to me!,” exclaimed Jackie. Bridget looked like a deer caught in the headlights, when she finally agreed that she owed it to her mother-in-law not to cause her family and her marriage any further damage.

Lesley-Anne Down is the cougar of every guy’s dreams. Down however proved this past week that she’s a lot more than just a gorgeous woman, she’s one hell of an actress, and thanks to Brad Bell for giving his leading lady one exciting week. It’s still time to watch before the reveal of this secret. “B&B” proved this week why it’s the most watched show in the world.

The soap airs weekdays on CBS.

Photographs Courtesy: Lesley-Anne Down by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions and Ashley Jones [Bridget] and Brandon Beemer [Owen] by JPI Studios in West Hollywood