HOLLYWOOD —This week’s leading men gold standard goes to three phenomenal actors who are not only fan favorites of “The Young and the Restless” and “As The World Turns,” but also superb thespians who make television exciting and their characters strong and every viewer enjoy their performances on a regular basis. Grayson McCouch, who portrays Dusty on “ATWT”; Van Hansis, who is Luke on “ATWT”; and Christian LeBlanc, who plays Michael on “Y&R” each had very dramatic storylines this week and they played their roles with intensity and a style that makes all of them tops in daytime TV.

Grayson McCouch has appeared on the big screen and he brings that brand of star power whenever he is on “ATWT” and any television series. This week, McCouch’s Dusty had to face off with Jack and he begged Janet to make the right decision and allow him to be the man she spends her life with. Julie Pinson as Janet is smoldering with Grayson. Though every leading lady the handsome star works with, brings out his amazing chemistry as a leading man. Fans are evenly torn between Dusty and Jack to be with Janet, but no one can deny the attributes Grayson brings to the role. It’s great to see Grayson McCouch on the front burner again at “ATWT.”

Van Hansis as Luke can’t seem to catch a break. Between losing the love of his life Noah or trying to befriend people, Luke seems to be cursed in having a free and open relationship with anyone who is not related to him by blood. The young man is very loyal and loving with family members, but he seems destined to have a broken heart when it comes to his own love life or budding friendships. However, Van offers such a warmth and genuinely good performance on a regular basis and that’s why his character Luke is beloved by millions of fans of the Oakdale drama.

Christian LeBlanc can be counted on at Emmy season to be nominated and he deserves to be. However, the actor, who fans love as the devilishly handsome attorney Michael Baldwin, has many gifts which he employs in his Emmy-winning role on the number one daytime drama “Y&R.” Christian’s performance this week when he helped Cane and Lily avoid Cane’s deportation back to Australia was amazing. Then Michael got the call that his best friend Phyllis Newman had been in a car accident. Maria Arena Bell and her brilliant writers are amazing when they give Michael dual emotions in one scene. The way the handsome star segues from attorney to loving friend in less than two minutes is enviable and not an easy task.

By week’s end Michael found photographs of his wife and her ex-husband and the pain and grief in the actor’s eyes made the viewers cry along with him. Whatever Maria has planned for Michael, it’s going to be a wonderful bumpy ride for fans of the hit show. Christian LeBlanc can’t be topped when it comes to giving a solid performance every single day.

Hansis, McCouch and LeBlanc are daytime’s triple threat. Handsome, Talented and Genuine in their roles. “ATWT” and “Y&R” air weekdays on CBS.