HELLO AMERICA—His name is Levi Miller, he is the man who keeps radio station WLMR RADIO live from week to week in Atlanta. He is a man who seriously believes that radio is still an extremely powerful medium in our dizzy world of today.

“I remember as a young boy growing up in the south when listening to great news commentaries, music and even shows of drama and comedy inspired me to believe that I might contribute in some way as possibly a director or producer. This is why I struggled hard to introduce WLMR, a radio station producing and airing all types of shows which might interest the general public,” said Miller

Because of the infusion of “rap” and where it stems from as well as the reputation it has garnered being associated with murder, gangsterism and the gutter of the worse kind.

“I want to bring back the kind of programming that inspires people of all ages and nationalities; it’s not necessary for people to go to bed angry, scared for their lives or fears what they might wake up to. It’s important for people who love music, get a chance to enjoy that, not an explosion of invectives stuffed with anger, using words which allows those who are anxious to follow in the same path, use the same insulting, racial invectives, believing it is safe because of who used them first in a very public way.”

Levi, of course, agrees that not all rappers fall into this low category. “When listening to performers like LL Cool J or Kanye West one gets a message of positivity along with the dark side. Then too, music is not a total loss which an audience can repeat later. When this is accomplished, the art of that genre is quite exciting or compelling.”

What Levi Miller is determined to do is bring back some of the more healthier programming which made America a more binding, together nation moving together as a team for the good of all of its people.

“I remember listening to the wonderful voices of Kate Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and so many others who entertained us in a way that made us believe no matter what our problem was, with love and understanding, things would be alright in the end.  They did this with their words and music and the chatter that went along with it in their shows. Let me tell you, there were many times I was questioning everything about life, my future what was it all about, but after listening to programs of hope, love and the idea that anything was possible, I was anxious to get up the next morning with a new desire to keep working and moving in a very positive way to achieve my dreams.”

Levi in a few years has made his radio station WLMR something very special, musically, politically, one earning a place of respect among the citizens as a conduit for experimentation and hope.

“We’re always open to new concepts, people who dare to experiment when it comes to programming.  Since the radio of the past has been taken over by extremist political factions, bought up by corporations who is only concerned with controlling and programming the listener to their ideas about everything from the arts, to what should be taught in schools and who should really be qualified to vote. Amazing isn’t it?  But it is true. As a community, we should band together making sure these usurpers are not successful in their effort in mind control.”