HOLLYWOOD—It has been indeed a week of lies exposed on “Days of Our Lives!” At the core, the mystery involving Abigail’s murder is starting to heat up. Thomas first exposed to Chad that he saw the Tooth Fairy aka Leo in the basement the night his mother died and went to heaven. Chad was furious and dragged Leo to the police station to inform Rafe and Shawn that Leo was culpable in Abigail’s murder. Leo feigned ignorance, but he did NOT expect Clyde and Nancy to align and expose him as the person who sold jewelry stolen from the DiMera mansion.

Leo things are NOT looking good buddy, but if there is anything the audience knows about Leo is the fact that he will always place himself as a priority. He was willing to share who he suspected as being Abigail’s murderer: his pal Gwen. Gwen is pleading her case to Jack, who refuses to see that his daughter is no saint and more duplicitous than one can imagine. Chad pointed the finger at Gwen for alerting Leo about the DiMera tunnels, where Leo the dummy, left his plate of food and evidence he was indeed there. Dude, if you’re going to commit a crime you don’t leave the evidence behind, dumbass.

That was enough for Rafe to get ready to press the charges, but Leo informing Rafe about Gwen being in possession of the Sarah mask placed another nail in Gwen’s coffin. I mean her former lover Xander was working overtime with his real love Sarah to expose Gwen. Good luck on getting out of this one Gwen, let’s just say things are NOT looking good for you. This is good for the viewer though as we will FINALLY learn what Gwen was up to the night she busted out of prison courtesy of Ava.

Speaking of Ava, she is warming up to living in the DiMera abode as EJ is angling on getting the goods he needs to expose Ava and get Jake’s shares to the company. Ava had a confrontation with Gwen where EJ learned she helped Gwen bust out of prison. That’s all EJ needs to expose her, but Ava called his bluff, but little does Ava know that Gwen is in police custody for more questioning around Abigail’s murder. Yeah, Gwen might be willing to sell you out this time around Ava and you little leverage blows up in your face.

However, it looks like Ava plans to utilize a heartbroken Johnny as a tool in her plot. Ugh, do we really want to see another older woman take advantage of a younger man storyline people. “DOOL” you already did this and last time it was done much better. While all of this is transpiring, we have to talk about Li, whose goal for keeping Stefan alive was to gain power at DiMera Enterprises. Really, that was the best motive you all could come up with. Oh, that is so lackluster people I am sorry. Li wants to secure Gabi’s heart and in order to do that, he wants Rolf to erase Stefan’s love for Gabi. Ok, good luck with that, and considering Gabi just spotted Rolf and Li together the suspicions are rising, as they are with Anna, who knows Kristen is hiding something regarding Stefan. Gosh, Kristen does not have a good poker face America. Stefan escaped the lab and made the move to reunite with his one true love, but we all know it would NOT be that easy people.

Kristen if you think this plan of Li’s is going to help you get Brady back think again! It is never happening. In other Salem news, Alex is making the rounds with the ladies and thought Chanel and Allie would take him up on his threesome idea, but they shut him down. So did Gabi, but you know who caught Alex’s eye, Stephanie, Steve and Kayla’s daughter! She is back in Salem, and Alex is smitten by her. Stephanie is not smitten by him though people. Stephanie looks like the woman who will be in Alex’s orbit in the coming weeks, and with Sonny extending an offer for her to work at Titan it absolutely till transpire people.

With that sad, Alex has been at war slightly with Sonny who is not happy that his brother is working alongside him at Titan. Sonny knows something is up, but if he just looked a bit closer he would realize his brother is a bigger threat than he suspects. Eric and Jada are getting closer, not to Nicole’s satisfaction.  As for Steve and Kayla they are worried about Orpheus striking, and the criminal mastermind is indeed up to no good once again. He has kidnapped Marlena and Kayla. For what?

Kate and Roman are still dancing around their relationship and Lucas is headed to prison for kidnapping Sami. So that sums up quite a bit of the chaos that has unfolded in Salem so far people, but even more is likely to occur before the soap opera jumps to Peacock on September 12. Ugh, just thinking about that is a major bummer America.