MALIBU—On Tuesday, May 26, a Malibu vendor was selling special faces masks for joggers, bikers, and people working out.

A vendor known as Malibu Knits is selling protective face masks on Etsy that are specifically made for jogging, biking, and any outdoor activity involving movement. The masks are meant to serve the same purpose as medical masks, except constructed with joggers in mind. The brand reminds people that even when exercising outside, it is important to be protected from the coronavirus.

The masks Malibu Knits are producing differ from the medical disposable face masks as they are supposed to be made with a lighter fabric with less material used. The goal in doing this is to make the masks more breathable and to allow active people wearing them to not feel as hot when wearing other disposable masks.

The masks are built in one piece using a special knitting machine that uses 3D textiles, which allows less material to be used. Malibu Knits is using raw materials from the U.S. as well as recycled drink bottles to create their masks. The masks come in a variety of different colors, sizes, and patterns.

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