MALIBU—The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Malibu/Lost Hills station and the Department of Public Health have enforced beach rules, limitations, and regulations to ensure public safety.

Anna Carrillo from the LASD Malibu/Lost Hills’ station, Watch Matters spoke to Canyon News about the beach rules.  “There are rules and regulations that must be followed in order to visit the beaches and all of these limitations are for the safety of the public,” said Carrillo.

Los Angeles beaches, parks, and trails were reopened on May 13. Malibu beaches were reopened for active recreation uses on May 14, with mandatory public health protocols in efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Carrillo stated, “Masks should be worn unless you are in the water and to remember to continue to stay six feet apart at all times.” The LASD and the LA County Department of Public Health are working together to enforce the social and physical distancing and safety rules are implemented.

Allowed activities for individual or family recreation include swimming, kayaking, running, walking, or surfing. Gathering, sitting, picnicking or any group activities are not permitted.

Malibu beaches are open from sunrise to sundown. For those with questions or concerns regarding beach activities that are prohibited or allowed contact the LASD Malibu/Lost Hills Station,, or contact the Los Angeles Health Department.