WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Sunday, about 50 top magicians boarded the Carnival Splendor for a magical vacation in Mexico. Monday morning a fire in the engine room made their journey literally go up in smoke. The magicians from Hollywood’s Magic Castle stranded at sea include Dale Hindman, Academy of Magical Arts past president; Christopher Hart, “Thing” from “The Addams Family”; Rich Block; Chipper Lowell; Martin Lewis; Mark Kalin and Jinger; Shoot Agawa; Magic Magazine Editor, Stan Allen; and the VIP Events Director for the Magic Castle, Matt Patton.

According to CNN, the Carnival Splendor was stranded some 130 miles west of Ensenada, Mexico, earlier Tuesday, a day after it lost power following an engine-room fire. “The ship and the USS Ronald Reagan were about 150 miles south of San Diego Tuesday evening,” Carnival Cruise Lines said in a statement. “The USS Ronald Reagan received 60,000 pounds of food, bottled water and supplies by airlift for the cruise ship Carnival Splendor, with its nearly 3,300 passengers and nearly 1,200 crew members.”

Magic Castle founder Milt Larsen told Canyon News, “The magicians should have a great time. They’ve got a captive audience,” adding “How many magicians does it take to make the huge ship vanish at sea and re-appear in Long Beach? Apparently 50.”

Photograph of Cruiseline passenger, Matt Patton and Magic Castle Co-Founder, Milt Larsen by Brian Putnam Photography