SAN FRANCISCO—Mayor London Breed defended Speaker of House Nancy Pelocy about her controversial salon visit in her comment to a question by ABC7 News on Friday, September 4.

London Breed went to Dolores Park and attended an event to hand out masks with a LGBTQ NPO The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence on September 4. ABC News asked for her comment on Nancy Pelosi’s salon visit during the city’s health order.

“We have a terrorist, we have a dictator who is running this country and Nancy Pelosi is at the forefront fighting against this person everyday,” Mayor Breed said, “I’m not trying to excuse what happened.”

She added “I’m just saying that to allow an issue like this to turn our city upside down when we got folks who are homeless, we’ve got people who can’t open their business, including these salons. I understand.”

Pelosi was seen walking through e-Salon located on Union Street in San Francisco for a wash and blow on Monday, August 31 in video footage released by Fox News. Salons in the city of San Francisco have remained closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A salon staff member commented “It was a slap in the face” on September 1 Fox News, saying that any other customers cannot go into the salons under business regulations due to the pandemic. In reaction to that, Pelosi claimed that a whole incident regarding her visit to a San Francisco indoor hair salon, was “a setup” on Wednesday, September 2, where she demanded an apology from the salon.

President Donald Trump commented as follows at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania on September 3:

“She should’ve said sorry I made a mistake, sorry, and nobody would be talking about it…She must have treated that salon very badly, she uses that salon and the salon turned her in.”

Regarding the situation that the city’s salon owners cannot start operation under the regulations, Mayor Breed said;

“I get that they have these feelings, they are voicing their feelings…but at the end of the day, it is really time for us to move on.”

On September 2, she appeared on KCBS’s Radio’s daily “Ask an Expert” segment and answered the listener’s question about Pelosi’s incident.

“We need to be focused on the issues and the fact that over 180,000 people have died in this country and we have a president that continues to divide us.”

She said that the reason why salons still cannot open has a lot to do with the lack of Trump’s leadership in the whole country. “That’s what we should be talking about.”