CALIFORNIA—Beaches in Los Angeles County could be opening on May 13, after being closed for six weeks. Officials are keeping a close eye on safety measures regarding COVID-19, and continuing with additional safety guidelines.

According to the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, the reopening day of county beaches is officially on Wednesday, and officials are planning on a five-phase plan to remove safety barriers progressively.

The beginning phase will allow beaches to open at sunrise and close by sundown, but not permit beachgoers to put up umbrellas or socialize in group gatherings. Six feet social distancing rules are still in effect.

Recreational activities such as sunbathing jogging, walking, swimming, and surfing are permitted, canopies and beach chairs are not allowed, group activities such as volleyball will not be permitted, and wearing a face mask will be mandatory.

During the first phase, boardwalks, piers, and many parking lots are expected to remain closed. Officials have indicated that this phase could remain in effect several weeks. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti agrees with reopening the city’s beaches for recreational activities, with some restrictions. Sitting or tanning in the “dry areas of sand” would not be a good idea right now, Garcetti said.