HOLLYWOOD—Who would have expected Thomas Forrester of all people to cause a major rift in Liam and Hope’s marriage on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” If anything I thought Steffy Forrester’s return would cause the major hiccup, but THANK GOD that is not the case. Sorry, the Liam, Steffy and Hope storyline is tired, exhausted and played out in so many ways it’s not even funny.

Thomas made a bold move kissing Hope without her consent; she was startled, horrified, but guess who wasn’t? Ridge Forrester! I guess it makes perfect sense why Ridge is ok with destroying marriages because he did it most of his life, and his kids are only mimicking what they see. I was glad to see Hope resist Thomas’ advances, but he surely is playing dirty. I mean he’s using his grieving son to tug at Hope’s heart, knowing she just lost a child. I can sense easily Thomas stumbling across the baby swap secret courtesy of Flo and keeping it to himself out of fear it will cause him to permanently lose Hope.

Speaking of Flo, she is really putting the moves on Wyatt who so quickly after he exploded because Sally didn’t tell him what Thomas was planning. Really Wyatt, I mean you’ve kept plenty worse secrets and to just toss your relationship with Sally away over that speaks wonders. Quinn was overjoyed with the news, but Sally, the spitfire as I call her made it crystal clear she had no intention of giving up on her beau. Flo and Wyatt shared a ton of kisses and at the moment it looks like Wyatt and Sally are dunzo.

I pegged this a few weeks ago, and I’m going to say it again: Sally will be the one to unearth the truth about Phoebe being Beth and that Flo, Zoe and Shauna have kept it under wraps this entire time. Wyatt and Flo will be a happy couple, Shauna and Quinn will rejoice and Sally will drop the bomb of all bombs leading to an earthquake that will shatter the Forrester, Fulton, Spencer and Logan families for years to come.

I’m hoping we don’t have to wait until November sweeps for that birdie to come to the surface, but I sense that may be the case, but it will be all worth the fiery aftermath when it happens. I’m being patient, but please “B&B” writers don’t make viewers wait longer than what we have to. In other news, Quinn has offered Flo and Shauna the opportunity to move into the Forrester mansion. Just a thought, I suspect Quinn might stumble on this baby swap secret. Rather she keeps it to herself is another story. I would hope not because if she does, she will feel the wrath of Brooke in a way that she never expected, as well as Bill and Liam.

You might want Wyatt to be happy with Flo, Quinn, but this is one secret if you unearth, you better shout it to the mountains. Speaking of Shauna, this woman seems way too invested in the glorious lifestyle of LA, and I sense she has more angles up her sleeve. For starters, she’s decided to play Katie’s game to see if she can trust Bill, but Katie might regret it because I think Shauna has her eyes on Bill and his bank account to say the least. Bill is being tempted and he is indeed a man people, so he can only resist so long when he has a gorgeous woman pinning after him. I’m like Katie, what the hell were you thinking, you are just going to prove what you already know about Bill: he is not to be trusted. All I know is that this baby bombshell better be worth the wait once its revealed people.