HOLLYWOOD—Oh, thank you to the powers that be on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Yes, I know in the recent weeks I was not pleased with the recycling of the Liam and Steffy love affair. Well, it looks like the voices of the audience may have been heard because Finn is making leeway in his relationship with Steffy. Yes, she indeed confessed she still loves her husband, and that Liam needs to look to fix his marriage with Hope and deal with the aftermath of sleeping with Thomas.

Liam, Steffy is virtually spelling it out to you, she is with FINN! She has no intentions of rekindling her romance with you! Damn, Liam is back to his stupid waffling, and this is what annoys viewers about Liam Spencer; he has no damn backbone. Steffy does not need you to protect her and her kids. Yes, Kelly is your daughter, and Finn made a stupid mistake at the beach (bad writing) that is causing all sorts of issues, but you’re not her savior. The time apart was good for the couple because they realized just how strong their love truly is. Before the week wrapped, Finn welcomed Steffy back to the beach house.

There is a major lingering problem, Sheila Carter. Finn has promised the moon to Steffy and her family that he is severing ties with Sheila. He is not sure why he hugged her, but he realized his mistake and will not make it again. That’s a big problem. Why? Sheila will not be ignored, and it was something she echoed to Deacon of all people. Deacon, I don’t understand your motives. Do you love Sheila, or do you just want a bed buddy? You’re playing with fire by playing house with Sheila, a murderess sociopath. Your daughter is Hope, you’re connected to Brooke who hates Sheila and this week Ridge and Carter paid Deacon a visit with knowledge he might know where Sheila is hiding out (at his place).

Deacon feigned ignorance, but after Ridge and Carter left, he read Sheila the riot act. He is concerned about her recent talk where it was apparent that she refused to allow Steffy to come between her and a relationship with Finn and her grandson, Hayes. This happened about a year or so ago when Sheila took aim at Steffy in that alley, looks like it is about to happen all over again, but who is the ultimate threat is yet to be known.

Let’s talk a bit about Hope, because at Beth’s birthday part, her love for Liam was remembered after seeing her daughter embrace with her father. Yes, Hope, you made a mistake sleeping with Thomas, and you’re realizing that your love for this man in stronger than the lust you have for Thomas Forrester. As a result, she had to reflect on what the fans have been thinking for months. This man kept your daughter a secret. Hope wanted to bury that truth because it was too painful to acknowledge.

As a result, the brakes have been put on a full-blown relationship with Thomas, which makes me wonder if Thomas is about to spiral again. Ridge and RJ are concerned, Brooke is concerned, and Liam is just an idiot. So, Hope makes a mistake and sleeps with Thomas, and you cannot forgive her despite her pouring out her heart, but you sleep with Steffy and almost get her pregnant, but Hope forgives you? Make that make sense?! Hell, even Thomas fell on his sword and came to Liam to ask him to forgive Hope. I’m done; I’m over Liam he can go. The “B&B” hasn’t had a murder in a while that shocked audiences maybe it is time for one.

I loved that Eric Forrester is back in the fray in a big way. He had a tussle of words with Ridge about his place at the company that he created. His Forrester Creations is the mastermind of Eric Forrester, and as Eric stated everyone congregates at his office and he was putting his foot down once and for all. Eric was riled up and showed a bit of rage and it was great people. Not exactly sure what the writers are planning with Eric, because he’s the ONLY constant for the “B&B” soap since its premiere in 1987.

He deserves to be front-and-center of the CBS soap. Looks like RJ is going to get a storyline helping his grandfather design utilizing technology as Eric is struggling to use his hands. It is way overdue to give RJ something to do, and it looks like a new Forrester titan is about to be birthed and I can see a war between Thomas and his little brother erupting as a result. I think the writers are hearing the viewers for once, it’s long overdue, “The Bold and the Beautiful” fans.