HOLLYWOOD—Man, that cliffhanger at the end of last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” had me eagerly waiting for the fallout. This week’s episode, ‘Don’t Lose Your Deposit,’ saw Randal come face-to-face with the man who attempted to hang him to death, Eddie. It was tense, juicy and a moment audiences have been waiting months for. In the midst of that confrontation, Eddie decided to reveal to a tortured Brad that Randal and Alex were reuniting in the presence of his kids. Ok, last week I had a grip about Mr. Perry writing dialogue that was not believable even if he tried the hardest to make the audience think it was true. These characters are so STUPID, the audience, including myself is livid with this stupid lie that holds no truth whatsoever.

Brad diffused a heat situation, and finally confronted his ‘pal’ about his treacherous ways. Alex received a call from her doctor who gave her the clearance to come visit her son. Um, Alex you better clean-up that rumor that you started involving Lushion as its spinning out of control.

Lushion delivered a bit of truth to Natalie about contacting Joey’s parole officer who is more interested in cozying up to Natalie than helping her son get out of prison. Man, Lushion was fuming RED and it was hilarious to watch, and Natalie’s fiancé forced the guy out his house. Natalie listen to Lushion, your husband to be has connections. All that hate instantly went away when she learned her lover paid for her son’s hospital bills. Finally, we have a real couple whose love is genuine.

Back at the hospital, Marcie paid another visit to Miss Louise who was well aware of her daughter-in-law’s newfound happiness. Louise wanted the tea, but Marcie was coy about delivering the news. Marcie revealed that she was in love with Brad, but did not announce that she was pregnant. Louise delivered some truth to Marcie about ensuring all unfinished business with Randal is over before moving on with Brad.

From one Miss to another, Miss Diane was livid to hear that her son is not getting out of prison anytime soon. She made a call to Kelly accusing her of playing a role in possibly preventing Tyrell from getting released on probation. Alex divulged to her doctor that Randal is attempting to take her son away from her. Looks like Alex’s little lie has spread, and she even resorted to asking her doctor to assist in the custody battle if possible.

However, Alex overheard a bomb when she learned that Marcie was pregnant and the baby father was her ex, Brad. Wow, I was waiting for this bomb to drop and it was epic by Mr. Perry to say the least. Wow, Marcie can be downright cruel when she wants. Watching those ladies together in the elevator was tense; it looked like Alex was ready to rip Marcie’s head off. Phenomenal scene people!

A happy moment for Natalie and family was interrupted by Tippa Haynes, asking for Natalie’s DNA to rule her out as a suspect in Ramsey’s murder, which rattled Natalie to say the least. Especially after learning that Ramsey died in their new home. Both were livid about Alex and her latest lie that has placed Lushion in one hell of a tricky situation. Really Natalie! You know damn well Lushion is NOT the father of that child!

Julius had a conversation with Ben inviting him to a party, but in return he wanted Ben to bring a file on Eddie to him. Ben stuttered to the core with the request, I’m sensing he is afraid to go against the guy who blew off his hand. Kelly found herself under intense investigation by the authorities regarding Travis kidnapping Justice. Kelly schooling the police on how to properly conduct an investigation had me screaming at the TV screen; this woman is smarter than the officers at the Maxine Police Department. Travis is smart people, but the officers from the police department are just plain stupid.

This episode frustrated me to the core because as a viewer I’m starting to sense Mr. Perry thinks the audience is just dumb. It’s one thing to write things over-the-top, it’s another to write things that make no sense. Seriously the cops suspect Kelly to be culpable in her own son’s disappearance? Fingers crossed that next Tuesday’s episode of “If Loving You is Wrong” gets back to its core love birds!