HOLLYWOOD—I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong,” and this week things only got more intense as several storylines began to intersect. This week’s episode, “Falling” saw Randal cry wolf yet again, in hopes of further irritating Brad and Alex. Randal can dish it, but he can’t take it. You can’t play bad guy, then scream help when things don’t go your way.

Steven and Lushion took Randal’s accusations of being pushed off a ladder by Brad. It was apparent that Steven and Lushion did not want to entertain Randal and his shenanigans, but they had no choice. The fact that Lushion had to coach Brad to not incriminate himself was hilarious America. Well, we have a case of he said, he said, and the psychologist looked like he was going a bit cuckoo.

Brad, Lushion and Steven got an eyeful when a naked Eddie strolled through the neighborhood. Things only got more chaotic when Lushion and Steven were called to Esperanza’s house about shots being fired. Eddie begged for Brad to allow him to stay at his abode, but Brad was having none of it. Hmm, looks like Eddie is running out of options people. Oh, I loved seeing Alex slap the mess out of Eddie when he attempted to touch her son. I always thought Lushion would be the one to take out Eddie, but know I suspect either Esperanza or Alex will commit the deed.

Kelly was none too pleased to get a phone call from Travis who is upping his stalking game to say the least. Natalie fed up with the calls went on a tirade, but it turned out to be Ian alerting his client that she could return to her home. Marcie paid a visit to Larry about her impending divorce, however, she dropped a bomb on him with the revelation that she is pregnant, and she does not want Randal to be aware that he is going to be a daddy. Ugh, this is a dirty tactic, and I’m certain it will bite Marcie in the butt.

Esperanza is FINALLY getting a storyline people! She had no trouble spilling all the tea to the cops that she fired shots at Eddie to rid him out of her life, just as Lushion and Steven attempted to reason with her. And the flirting intensifies, as Steven commenced helping Esperanza plaster her walls. Really, that scene with Steven dripping that paint all over his clothing, as a ploy to get his clothing off was utterly the most laughable thing I have ever seen. Well at least Steven was not shy about admitting that he is attracted to one of his co-workers.

Kelly was livid realizing that her decision to sleep with Travis has turned her world upside down. The fighting spirit inside Kelly was unleashed as she planned to retake her life. Randal contacted Larry with news that he wants to sue Brad for tossing him off a lawyer, but Larry wanted to chat with his college bro about his impending divorce. Esperanza and Steven continued to fight their sexual chemistry, but it was apparent that the attraction was too hard for both of them to resist. Steven continued to slightly push which led to the two engaging in a steamy kiss, however, things turned for the worse when Eddie burst into the home.

Man things are getting juicy good Mr. Perry. Eddie is losing his marbles, Brad and Alex are reunited and secrets are starting to surface. Well, next week we get a breather from the drama, but the chaos returns on November 7. Until then “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!