HOLLYWOOD—Well, it’s about time! After nearly five episodes of keeping viewers in the dark about the whereabouts of Officer Andrew, Tyler Perry and the gang are finally addressing his whereabouts on “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode, ‘The Missing Person’ saw Lushion desperate to garner those details on just what Eddie may have done to Andrew for poking his nose into his business.

Randal was thrown for a loop when Alex revealed that he was not the father of his child. Hmm, you may not always get what you want Randal. Loved the fact that Alex used her last resort tactic, but things did not go as she planned. The judge ruled to prevent both parents from having contact with the child until a paternity test was completed. The big bad wolf was not pleased that his masterplan blew up in his face, and he gloated per usual, with no sincerity. Loved that scene where Alex made it look like Randal attempted to rob her; it certainly got him to close his lips real quick.

Kelly was not pleased to see her son Justus’ grandmother Diane, stop by her home. It was apparent that Kelly’s past was catching up to her, and she was none too pleased to chat about it. She wanted Kelly to allow her former lover a place to stay. Hmm, Miss Diane does not seem like a woman you want to scorn. However, I’m confused: isn’t Justus Miss Diane’s grandson, why not attempt to build a bridge with a blood relative?

Pete gave Lushion an update via telephone that he has been placed into protective custody and the two chatted about Edwards devious misdeeds. It’s fun to see Pete back to his giddy, jokey self. Lushion’s day which seemed to be getting better, got worse with the arrival of Randal looking to poke at the hornet’s nest. Hmm, good question by Lushion asking Randal why he dropped that lawsuit against the police department. He divulged details about Alex’s involvement in the conspiracy to kidnap him and her newborn son.

Once again, Lushion attempted to talk a bit of sense into Randal about his constant poking at Alex, and once again his arrogance proved to be his biggest downfall. Could Lushion be foreshadowing the mayhem that might be coming Randal’s way? Lushion got an update from Rick who seemed to speculate that possibly Kelly (seriously) is culpable in Ramsey’s demise!

Finally, Mr. Perry is giving Esperanza something to do this season. She seemed concerned about her ex-husband who is being investigated by internal affairs. When he dropped the bomb that Alex may have played a role in her parents kidnapping her child, she took action to warn her pal of the impending legal woes coming her way. Eddie was quite scared when news was broadcast courtesy of the FBI who are searching for Andrew. Good luck Eddie, it certainly looks like you’ve dug a hole deeper than you expected.

A cleaning service showed up to Lushion and Natalie’s new place to wipe the place clean of any signs of a ‘murder.’ Yeah, good luck with Natalie not learning about that bombshell. Lushion was drawn to Brad after seeing him mope in his vehicle. Awe, someone is yet again trying to get Brad and Alex to rekindle their relationship. Back at the hospital, Natalie was pleased to get a visit from Kelly on Joey’s condition.

The two friends had a chat, where Natalie was able to pierce through Kelly’s hard shell. Kelly revealed that Ramsey was murdered, and Natalie pushed for her pal to spill all the tea. She revealed to Natalie that Travis has been stalking her and threatening to hurt her and her son. Natalie screamed what everyone at home was thinking, arm yourself with a gun and blast Travis so that he gets the message that you will do what needs to be done to protect yourself and your son.

Alex received a visit from Esperanza who wanted to check in on her friend, and reason with her regarding the death of her parents and the madness that she unleashed. Whew, Alex was not in the mood to converse, and Esperanza’s constant poking was unleashing her pal’s rage. These two ladies went toe-to-toe, until Esperanza revealed that she had evidence noting that the police are looking into her involvement in the entire melee, i.e., she could be facing hefty legal ramifications if her story is not airtight.

About time, someone was able to crack Alex, and I never expected Esperanza to be that person. Alex you are indeed lucky you have a pal who works inside the police department. The final moments of the episode saw Kelly get delivered a setback in her plan to protect herself. She was startled to learn that Justus was in the car with Travis. Yep, her heart nearly sank when she realized her son was in mortal danger. Oh, next week looks juicy, as Alex is feeling the heat, Marcie poking fun at Randal, and Kelly desperate to save her son. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!